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Book Review – MASTERING THE ART OF MEDIA MESSAGING By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher Michael Emerson’s book MASTERING THE ART OF MEDIA MESSAGING is a must read, and the best read I have encountered in my 40 years of teaching communications courses. As an award-winning producer, writer, director of many programs on the History Channel, A&E, Bio, NatGeo, the Disney Channel and others, including some MOVIEGUIDE® Award winners and nominees such as W… Continue reading


Based on the New York Times best seller, THE BOOK THIEF is a wonderful work that follows the story of one young girl and her search for home, family and belonging. Set in National Socialist Germany, this is a small story that tugs at the heart. Her mother’s communist leanings in Nazi Germany brings her to the foster care system on the eve of World War II. Yet, wherever our young heroine goes, she blazes a trail transforming the lives of countles… Continue reading

Why You Should Read Christian Comic Books

  By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®  Since the early 1900s, comic books and graphic novels have engrossed young and old. The intriguing stories with colorful and imaginative artwork are no longer considered a children’s activity. The fun clean comics from the early years turned toward darker territory.  While there are some good recent comics, many of them tend to have gritty, dark and salacious content and artwork.  Even comic… Continue reading

Google Refuses To Profit from Explicit Material

Google Refuses To Profit from Explicit Material By Jared Lafitte, Contributing Writer Search engine giant Google recently made a groundbreaking decision to eliminate pornography from their advertising. While it is, sadly, still possible to search for pornography through Google, it’s no longer possible to for advertisers to display sexually explicit advertisements or links to pornographic web pages on Google’s search pages. What this means is, i… Continue reading

How One Movie Changed A Small Town

…ow welcoming and kind the local people were. Mission’s main office was practically next-door to the Gospel Bookstore, and suddenly more people were coming in, mainly to buy the book because they were curious about the movie–but they would also look around while they were in there and buy a couple other books. The proprietors were smiling more than I’d seen them smile in years. They talked excitedly about the day when there would… Continue reading


THE JANE AUSTIN BOOK CLUB is like a gourmet meal with just a few roaches crawling around on the plate. It’s a charming romantic comedy absolutely ruined by the complete acceptance of lesbian relationships and by one unmarried couple shown preparing to have sexual relations. The movie opens with Sylvia (played Amy Brenneman) being dumped by her husband, Daniel (Jimmy Smits). Her friends start a Jane Austin book club to help her get her mind off t… Continue reading


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