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‘Active’ Christians Buy More Books

“Active” Christians spend 66% more on Christian books than do “Professing,” “Private,” “Liturgical,” and “Cultural” Christians combined. They also buy 63% of their books on impulse, and more of them at Christian retail stores than any other retail outlet.

Why You Should Read Christian Comic Books

  By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®  Since the early 1900s, comic books and graphic novels have engrossed young and old. The intriguing stories with colorful and imaginative artwork are no longer considered a children’s activity. The fun clean … Continue reading


  By Dr. K. Sarah-Jane Murray and Kathryn L. Arnold, Contributing Writers In his book PRIMETIME PROPAGANDA, Ben Shapiro focuses on the behind the scenes of the television industry to examine the history of television since its inception and its … Continue reading


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