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What a joy to find Christians producing high quality feature films for the mass market. Trinity Broadcasting Network has gone all out in this beautifully filmed and produced movie about the making of a Christian. Adopted by the prominent Sung family in Shanghai in 1941, a little girl is treated like a princess. Servants cater to her every whim, until one day bombs drop into the palatial garden, and the Japanese seize her house. The invasion is t… Continue reading


PAUL is an atheistic, anti-Christian, sci-fi comedy about a foul-mouthed alien who, after escaping a government facility, goes on an unintended road trip with two comic book fans. Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost) are two comic book fanatics who travel all the way from England to ComiCon in San Diego, the premiere comic book convention in the world. After the convention ends, Graeme and Clive hop in a Winnebago with the i… Continue reading


…es brought applause from the tough crowd at the Cannes Film Festival screening. As the Hollywood Reporter noted, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON has “action sequences that make THE MATRIX seem downright quaint by comparison.” Set in the early 19th Century, during the last days of the mighty Qing dynasty, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON opens with a fabulous, though lonely, establishing shot of a Chinese estate and a servant crying out that Master L… Continue reading


The video, PETER AND PAUL, was originally broadcast as a television mini-series in 1981 and stars Anthony Hopkins as Paul and Robert Foxworth as Peter. The movie starts out with Paul presiding over the stoning of Stephen. On the road to Damascus, he is struck down by a light and blinded. Peter meets with Paul and realizes that his conversion to Jesus Christ is genuine. Paul says that God told him to spread the word about Christ’s salvation… Continue reading


PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE is a funny, dramatic and ultimately touching documentary about the recovery struggles of a singer/songwriter and 1970s icon. Paul Williams catapulted to success in 1970 after writing some big hits for The Carpenters and Three Dog Night. He also performed in some movies, most notably THE LOVED ONE and SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. The documentary starts with filmmaker Stephen Kessler saying how much he was inspired by Paul Will… Continue reading


ADMISSION is a well-written comedy about a Princeton University admissions officer tempted to bend the rules for a boy she thinks is her long-lost son. ADMISSION has a Romantic worldview promoting loose sexual morals, with some light moral elements and plenty of foul language. ADMISSION stars Tina Fey as Portia Nathan, an admissions officer at Princeton University who has lived a satisfied but boring life for 16 years. She’s spent the last 10 ye… Continue reading


PAUL BLART: MALL COP is a rather dull and poorly written portrayal of an average mall cop who saves the day by capturing the bad guys and rescuing some hostages through slapstick physical comedy. Paul Blart is a single, hypoglycemic mall cop who takes his job a little too seriously, which often makes him the subject of much ridicule. He lives by the motto, “Safety never takes a holiday.” The need for safety becomes evident when a group of bad g… Continue reading


THEY CAME TOGETHER is an occasionally raunchy, sometimes clever satire of romantic comedies featuring a romance between a corporate candy store executive and the owner of a tiny candy shop endangered by the bigger company. THEY CAME TOGETHER has a strong mixed worldview with little redemptive content and excessive lewd content, though marriage seems to be extolled at the end. The movie follows the story of Joel (Paul Rudd) and Molly (Amy Poehler… Continue reading


Paul Potts has loved the opera his entire life and one day he gets the chance to perform, in ONE CHANCE. ONE CHANCE is an entertaining, inspiring movie with a strong Christian worldview. Paul Potts has been bullied all his life about his weight and his voice. Ever since he was a young boy, Paul has loved to sing opera, but he has no confidence. Only a few people believe in Paul, including his boss and friend. Paul has been texting a girl he met… Continue reading


With MOUSETRAP, DreamWorks made a film noir for children. PAULIE is lighter but still presents a realistic, gritty ambiance. PAULIE starts out with a Russian immigrant named Misha (Tony Shalhoub) coming to work at a laboratory which is trying to find a way that people can communicate with animals. Misha came to America to be a “big shoot” (Note: Misha doesn’t like to use the past tense now that he is in America). Although he wa… Continue reading


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