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…tuating in a religious posture and emphasis on rigid censorship rather than creative dialogue. Most of the early articles appeared in mainline denominational magazines and newspapers. This collection of documents challenges the enduring fiction that the Church was hostile to the moving picture at its inception; rather, the Church sought to appropriate its potential for evangelism, education, social reform, and uplift. These articles have a wonder… Continue reading

Revisionist Hollywood History

Revisionist Hollywood History: NBC’s “George Washington” and Spielberg’s “Lincoln” By David Barton, Contributing Writer Recent years have seen a rekindling of national interest in America’s true history – a fact borne out by the New York Times bestseller list. Whether it is my own The Jefferson Lies, David McCullough’s John Adams and 1776, Glenn Beck’s Being George Washington, Newt Gingrich’s Valley Forge and Victory at Yorktown, or even modern… Continue reading


…ing beer for them, and becoming high from marijuana together with them. Campbell wins the Pulitzer prize for his articles about the mother but must deal with whether to be honest or not that many of the subsequent articles he wrote about her were fictional. With much discussion of death and an overt disdain for God and Christianity, the plot wraps up as Campbell returns home. All of this is set against the backdrop of a small town eagerly awaitin… Continue reading


There have been innumerable books, websites, articles, and dissertations on J.R.R. Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS – enough to fill a small library. Many have great merit, and I trust that the book we just wrote for Crossways, FRODO AND HARRY, will be among them. Matthew T. Dickerson’s book, FOLLOWING GANDALF, stands out among THE LORD OF THE RINGS library of books, websites, articles, and dissertations. It gives an easy to read, yet profound… Continue reading

Christmas Gift

Movieguide® survives on your donations. We’re a small non-profit with a limited budget managing the largest Christian movie review site on the internet. We bring you articles and reviews free of charge everyday to help guide you and your family in your media choices. Please consider an end of the year tax-deductible gift by donating below…. Continue reading

Man of Steel, America’s Pop Culture Christ

The Cultural Impact of Superman and Its Spotlight on Christianity By Natalie Fertig, Staff Writer Christianity’s relationship with pop culture did not begin in the 20th century. Since medieval times, characters – both fact and fiction – have emerged to represent a larger saga of Christ’s life and biblical values. Charlemagne, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the 9th century, became a larger-than-life, Christ-like icon after his death. Much i… Continue reading

How to get One Billion Hits on YouTube

  By Evy Baehr, associate editor of MOVIEGUIDE® The “Gangnam Style” video has now reached 1 billion hits. How is that possible? What is in this little wacky video that it has received the most amount of views in YouTube history? Well, honestly, we are not sure there is a direct answer to that question. We know that people have picked up the dance and have replicated it, to which others will see and say “what is this?” and be compell… Continue reading

Lili Baehr finally gets her dream picture with Pat Boone, her childhood idol, at his 80th birthday bash

Lili Baehr finally gets her dream picture with Pat Boone, her childhood idol, at his 80th birthday bash By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries   The dream picture. Lili Baehr (center), with Shirley and Pat Boone (Photo: Dan Wooding) BEVERLY HILLS, CA (ANS) — Lili Baehr, the Argentine-born wife of Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder and chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and Movieguide®, a family magazine, radio pr… Continue reading

21st Century Illustrated Bibles

21st Century Illustrated Bibles By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher The great Celtic illustrated Bibles with their beautiful, intricate penmanship will never be surpassed. However, there is good news, because Bible apps for smart phones are illustrating the Bible in new and exciting ways that bring to life the truth of God’s Word. There are two apps right now that are leading the way. One is called “The Life of Jesus Through the Eyes of the Masters.”… Continue reading


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