Dusty has a problem with one of his parts and has to take a break from racing, instead Dusty learns how to be a firefighter, in PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE. PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE is an adorable movie with a strong moral worldview that the entire family will enjoy.
Dusty loves racing, but he’s always pushing the boundaries. One day, Dusty finds out he must take a break from racing because one of his parts needs replacing. The problem is the part is so rare the mechanics may have a hard time finding it. Doubting this, Dusty flies away and pushes himself into the red zone. Even though he was told not to do this, his engine shuts off, and he spirals down. Hitting some things, Dusty starts a fire, and Mayday the firetruck must help put it out. The whole town starts to help. They are able to put the fire out, but they also find out they aren’t really completely equipped to do it. So, they decide they need a firefighter plane. Feeling bad, Dusty decides to step up and learn how to be a firefighter.
Being a firefighter is tough stuff, however. Dusty learns this is true when he goes to a place that fights fires daily. When arriving, Dusty meets Blade Ranger, head of the firefighting team. Blade is a harsh, strict leader who shows Dusty every time he’s doing something wrong. Dusty also meets Dipper, a very friendly girly firefighter who’s been a fan of Dusty’s for a long time. Dipper is so excited Dusty is now joining the firefighting team. As Dusty is learning, he must fly into real fires and learn he can’t make the calls, but must follow the direction of Blade. Will Dusty be able to humble himself and take directions?
PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE is well made animated movie that will keep the entire family enchanted and entertained. The animation is extremely well done, especially the fire, smoke and water. The characters are fun and lively and even relatable. The fire and smoke was so well done that it really provides the movie’s jeopardy and suspense. Both boys and girls will enjoy this story.
PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE has a strong moral worldview. Dusty has to learn to let go of his ego, and even his own safety, and be a team player. Thus, the movie has a message of sacrifice and humbling yourself. Despite a couple light scatological jokes, the whole family will really enjoy PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE. The first PLANES movie was an unexpected hit at movie theaters. If you liked that one, you may like this one even more.


AMERICA:  IMAGINE THE WORLD WITHOUT HER is a follow up to conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary movie, 2016:  OBAMA’S AMERICA, which is the second most successful political documentary of all time.
AMERICA starts by explaining an attack that Americans and their country and its values are currently enduring from the Radical Left, but not recognizing. That attack is on America’s history. D’Souza explains that, if the powers-that-be can change how citizen’s view America’s past and make Americans ashamed of their heritage, they can destroy America’s founding values. To prove his point, D’Souza addresses several indictments against America.
These indictments include Christopher Columbus and the Europeans bringing genocide against Native American Indians, including American pioneers breaking treaties with Indians, the slavery of Africans, the alleged theft of the Southwest Territories from Mexico, American imperialism against the world, and alleged capitalist thievery from America’s citizens. Addressing each one of these, D’Souza carefully dispels the lies told about these events. For example, he shows that the United States had control of all of Mexico as a result of the war with that country in 1848. Yet, he notes, that the U.S. returned half of Mexico back to the Mexicans, who now are fleeing that country and its socialist tyranny to pursue the American Dream in the United States. He also notes that blacks also owned slaves in the United States, as did many American Indians. Most Indians were killed by diseases brought by the Europeans, he adds, and the Sioux Indians who now want some American land returned to them actually stole that land from other Indian tribes!
Furthermore, Dinesh explains that the moral injustices that were in fact committed in America’s history didn’t stem from the values of her Founding Fathers, but actually were borrowed from the conquering ways of the rest of the world. In fact, he notes that America’s solutions to these injustices were unique to America compared to how the rest of the world acted and reacted, specifically in regards to Christianity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship.
Without giving excuses for wrongdoings or immoral actions, D’Souza does a commendable job at focusing on uplifting and unknown heroes who came from nothing, overcame their abusers and succeeded against all odds. According to D’Souza, this is what’s uniquely American. Slowly, America has transferred many of the responsibilities of self-government (which drove America to greatness) to the federal government, and with that goes moral responsibility, ingenuity and prosperity.
AMERICA addresses some big and very important themes that are widely ignored these days. The attack on liberty has been a systematic strategy. D’Souza’s clearly understands that, unless Americans know their history, they will have no idea where they are going, and where they are going right now isn’t pretty. The stories told in AMERICA are powerful and uplifting.
Admittedly, D’Souza doesn’t stress enough that the “American” values the founders believed in are originally and inherently inspired by the Bible. To say that moral living, free market principals and liberty are uniquely America doesn’t give God the credit and glory that is due (though D’Souza does mention the importance of Christianity in America).
That said, American patriotism celebrates not what is or even what was. It celebrates what the past allows us to be. The past and present is full of good and evil, as the movie points out. However, do not repeat the failures of fallen societies, but rather carve a better future, the same future that was carved for Americans.
AMERICA is a very engaging, often inspiring documentary. However, the final third of the movie isn’t as well connected to the first two thirds when Dinesh discusses the real facts about America’s history. Instead, the final third goes into a summary of the current political situation, where the Left has used its attack on American history to take away people’s liberty and promote bigger and bigger socialist government. Also, some of the movie’s reenactments are more engaging and inspiring than others. Finally, some violence and brief foul language is inappropriate for younger viewers.
Even so, AMERICA still holds up as an important, inspiring, informative documentary that hopefully will produce some positive changes reflecting Christian, biblical principles and values.


LOVE FINDS YOU IN SUGARCREEK, OHIO is one of the best television movies with faith, values, jeopardy, and romance.
Set in Ohio’s Amish country, it tells the story of Joe, who seems to be a drifter, and his little son, Bobby. Joe and Bobby land in the town of Sugarcreek in a broken-down truck. When Joe takes the truck to be repaired, he finds his wallet has been stolen.
Meanwhile, three Amish women have decided to close their Amish inn for lack of customers. At the urging of their niece, a local policewoman named Rachel, the oldest Amish woman, Bertie, tells Rachel she’ll have to stay open if an angel shows up at her doorstep. Bertie thinks Bobby and his father, Joe, are angels who need help. Rachel is suspicious, however.
With a little investigation, Rachel uncovers Joe is a baseball player whose wife was killed in a gruesome murder. The problem is, she starts to fall in love with Joe just as the dark mystery is revealed. Full of suspense, the ending is a complete surprise.
LOVE FINDS YOU IN SUGARCREEK, OHIO is an amazingly suspenseful murder mystery. Set in Amish country, it’s full of Christian faith and values. Of course, the Amish talk about God and quote Scriptures, but more than that, Joe starts to see God’s hand at work and recommits his life to Jesus Christ. There are many good themes running through the story. Every aspect of the script is well crafted. The direction is superior. The filmmakers are to be commended. It’s good to see that Christian television movies are getting better and better.


The new CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, THE WINTER SOLDIER, is a superb, exciting comic book thriller with lots of exhilarating action. Captain America maintains his patriotic integrity and decency throughout the movie, which also has an interesting political message for today’s moviegoer.

In the story, a mysterious, legendary assassin called “the Winter Soldier” critically wounds Nick Fury, Captain America’s boss at SHIELD headquarters. Fury hands Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, a flash drive showing that SHIELD has been secretly compromised. “Don’t trust anyone,” Fury tells Cap before he lapses into a coma.

Captain America refuses to tell anyone at SHIELD about the flash drive, including Alexander Pierce, the man heading the international council that oversees SHIELD. Pierce orders all SHIELD agents to capture Captain American so he can be interrogated. With help only from Natasha Romanoff, the notorious Black Widow, and a friend who’s a veteran, Cap must now avoid both SHIELD agents and the Winter Soldier and his cohorts. Captain America and his friends uncover a secret conspiracy to take over the world. At stake is not just the future of SHIELD and their own lives, but also the future of freedom in America and the whole world.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is a terrific action movie. It hits all the right plot points to drive the story forward, along with some nifty plot twists. Once again, Chris Evans does a superb job as the iconic hero. Skillfully assisting him are Scarlet Johansson as the Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Anthony Mackie as the Falcon (Captain America’s new friend), Robert Redford as Secretary Pierce, and Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier.

Happily, THE WINTER SOLIDER has a strong moral, patriotic, anti-totalitarian worldview. The movie’s worldview mostly stems from the conflict between Captain America’s basic integrity and decency and the nefarious motives of the movie’s multiple villains. Without giving away too much of the plot, Captain America learns that the villains have secretly infiltrated SHIELD to take control of the United States and the rest of the world. Part of their plan involves taking over SHIELD’s new system for monitoring and targeting terrorists and using it to control everyone on the planet. Captain America must work with the Black Widow and the Falcon, his new friend, to preserve American liberty and save the world. To raise the stakes, the filmmakers give each of the heroes a personal stake in the fight as well. This effectively increases the danger to the heroes, who have to put everything on the line to stop the villains and their evil plot.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER also has some interesting social and political angles in its plot. For example, early in the movie, Captain America voices some opposition to Nick Fury about SHIELD’s new spying and anti-terrorist technology. The technology involves monitoring possible terrorists with huge military airships in the sky that can also be used to spy on civilians. In fact, [SPOILER ALERT] that’s exactly what the evil conspirators plan to do: spy on civilians and eliminate those who might oppose them, starting with American civilian and military leaders. Captain America tells Nick he thinks the new technology is created out of fear, not out of a desire to protect liberty and defend people. At another point, Captain America urges people to stand up for liberty, but also reminds them that the price of freedom can be very high. Finally, Captain America’s new friend, Sam Wilson aka the Falcon, helps American war veterans recovering from PTSD. Thus, not only does THE WINTER SOLDIER extol liberty, it also briefly honors the price that America’s war veterans, who fight for liberty, pay to protect our freedom and the freedom of others.

All in all, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is one of the best superhero movies yet. Cautions is warranted, however, for many intense scenes of action violence, including gun battles, and some mostly light foul language.


WALKING WITH DINOSAURS is a high quality CGI science exhibit humanizing the story of a pachyrhinosaurus and his herd migrating back and forth across Alaska fighting to survive. It vividly conveys the violence and futility of animal existence in nature but adds a human-like message favoring self-sacrifice over pride and arrogance.

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS opens with a paleontologist taking two children on a hunt for bones. A talking bird explains to the boy how a particular dinosaur tooth was broken off and left to be found. The bird morphs into a prehistoric bird that befriends Patchi, a very young pachyrhinosaurus. The movie takes Patchi through his childhood and a love-at-first-sight relationship with Juniper, a female pachyrhinosaurus. Every time a new species of dinosaur is introduced, the movie pauses to put in print its species and its taste for meat or vegetation. On occasion you get a quick anatomy lesson as well about teeth or brain size.

Young children raised with pets in their homes and food purchased at grocery stores will find the frequent battles to resist become a meal disconcerting. Patchi’s father becomes a meal while trying to guard Patchi and his brother. Self-sacrifice and the defense of others are presented as admirable while pride and arrogance are rebuked. Somehow the reality of the CGI makes the struggle for life more disturbing than in ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS. In ICE AGE, you know the characters are not real because they look cartoonish. In WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, the characters look too real to be associated with the voices used. Patchi’s father never speaks. He just makes animal noises.

The movie doesn’t rub the viewer’s nose in evolution theory, as many museum exhibits do, but neither does it declare the majesty of God’s creation. What it does do is show life in nature to be much less noble than in AVATAR. It is brutal, dirty, and short. Elders are replaced by young thugs wanting a harem, and the infants, the sick, and the elderly are the first to fall prey to predators.

Praise God for a nation where children are taught, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” People have homes, cars, and televisions because mankind can live far above the survival mentality of raw nature. People are made in the image of God, not beasts. People can speak in words, not grunts. People can write books and make movies. People can even give human voices and personalities to astounding CGI representations of creatures that only some of the bones exist.

If you love dinosaurs and want to see beautiful images of herds of dinosaurs, you may enjoy WALKING WITH DINISAURS. Just be cautious with young children because the CGI is so good that the predator attack scenes may cause nightmares.