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Confidence in Television News Hits New Low

Confidence in Television News Hits New Low A June 2014 Gallup survey on American confidence in various institutions shows that television news has hit an all-time low of 18 percent – falling from 46 percent confidence in 1993. Confidence in the … Continue reading

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Thank you for your help in promoting the airing of the Movieguide® Awards Gala.Resources available below include: web banners, video clips for showing, bulletin inserts, etc.Also check the links to our press releases and photos.  EMAIL TEXT Short Version I’m … Continue reading

Atlanta Hears Good News About Hollywood

Atlanta Hears Good News About Hollywood The Christian Film & Television Commission® and Movieguide® hosted their annual Faith Promise banquet Friday evening, Oct. 11, in Atlanta, Georgia. Several renowned producers attended, including Larry Thompson and Chris Zarpas. The highlight of the event … Continue reading

News of Interest

Here’s a summary of news items of note: ** Group Fights New Internet Domains for Porn Industry There is .org, .com, .edu, .gov, etc. and some may even remember .xxx. The .xxx domain was thought to have been created to … Continue reading

Bad News for LORD OF THE RINGS Fans

Bad news for “Lord of the Rings” fans. Originally, the third and final installment in Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” trilogy was set for a summer release of July 18, 2014. However MGM and New Line recently announced the release would be … Continue reading


Online Porn Linked to Mental Illness in Children A new study in Great Britain shows Internet porn related mental illness in children has increased by more than 2,550 percent! According to London’s Portman clinic, a National Health Survey outpatient psychotherapy … Continue reading

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Sign up and Stay Informed Sign up to any or all of the newsletters bellow to stay up to date with the newest videos, news, and reviews of movies and Hollywood from a family perspective. You can unsubscribe at any … Continue reading

Overcoming Misguided Mindless Media Morality

Overcoming Misguided Mindless Media Morality By David Outten and Tom Snyder News media outlets recently have suspended several reporters and commentators for their allegedly controversial political views. ESPN suspended two of its stars recently for being offensive. Steven A. Smith … Continue reading

News & Notes

** Homeschoolers Do Better Homeschooling has often acquired negative stereotypes, but new studies have shown homeschoolers are testing at higher levels than students in public schools. Homeschooled students are doing better on standardized achievement tests as well as on the … Continue reading

NEWS: Say It Ain’t So, Mr. Cameron!

In his 2009 blockbuster AVATAR, Director James Cameron was totally against human corporations mining for energy on the fictional planet Pandora. But, now, Cameron has invested in Planetary Resources, a company that plans to conduct mining operations on asteroids close … Continue reading


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