Best New Year's Movies

New Year's Movies


Here are five relatively family-friendly movies about New Year’s Eve, at least partially, that make for great viewing:

1. THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, Quality:  * * * *, Acceptability:  +1, 1972:  The classic redemptive adventure movie where Gene Hackman, playing a courageous Protestant reverend, leads a group of survivors out of a gigantic cruise ship capsized on New Year’s Eve. A great Christian movie!

2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, CHARLIE BROWN, Quality:  * * * *, Acceptability:  +3, 1985:  Charlie Brown and his friends celebrate New Year’s Eve with a party.

3. AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, Quality:  * * * *, Acceptability:  +2, 1951:  Gene Kelly recovers his true love at a New Year’s Eve party in one of the great American musicals directed by Vincente Minnelli

4. AFTER THE THIN MAN, Quality:  * * * *, Acceptability:  +1, 1936:  Nick and Nora Charles get involved in a murder mystery at a New Year’s Eve party. Great light fun, but the Thin Man does love his alcohol, but he also clearly loves his wife.

5. THE APARTMENT, Quality:  * * * *, Acceptability:  -1, 1960:  The basic storyline is somewhat racy – a man lets his boss and the higher ups in his company use his apartment to cheat on their wives – but there’s a redemptive ending when the hero helps the girlfriend of his boss when she becomes suicidal out of guilt. True love overcomes in the end, and the hero stands up to his venal boss, played extraordinarily well by Fred MacMurray before he made MY THREE SONS and Disney’s THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR.

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