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TV Makes You Dumb and Dumber

A new study of Americans by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute shows that watching TV, including TV news, diminishes a person’s score on a basic civic literacy exam. In fact, the study of 2,508 Americans found that, for each hour of … Continue reading


Before reviewing the two-hour movie version of Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s bestselling book KILLING JESUS, let’s briefly discuss some of the major criticisms of the book. O’Reilly and Dugard’s book KILLING JESUS has been criticized in some Christian circles … Continue reading

You Can Trust the Easter Story!

You Can Trust the Easter Story! By Tom Snyder, Ph.D. The first number one movie at the box office last March was SON OF GOD, which was developed from the last part of the History Channel’s blockbuster miniseries in 2013, … Continue reading

‘Fantasy’ Film Genre & the Bible

Forever Fantasy: The Involvement of the ‘Fantasy’ Film Genre in the Reception of the Bible By Ted Baehr, with Sarah Jane Murray, Tyler Walton, and Tom Snyder   The Bible is a fabulous library of histories, prophecies, biographies, parables, reflections, … Continue reading

HUNGER GAMES Inspires Dissent in Thailand

HUNGER GAMES Inspires Dissent in Thailand Job Garcia, Contributing Writer It is often said that “life imitates art,” and to a certain degree in many cases this statement is undoubtedly true. The news media often reports cases of individuals who … Continue reading

Does Media Tear Apart Your Family?

By David Outten, Art Editor I live in a house with four generations. The ages range in from three to 86 years old. As you can imagine, the choice of what to watch on the living room television is problematic. … Continue reading


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