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Give DJANGO an NC-17 Rating

Christian Group Demands Hollywood Ratings Board Give Quentin Tarantino’s New Western an NC-17 Rating Hollywood, Calif. – The Christian Film & Television Commission®, an advocacy group in Hollywood, is petitioning the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating of the … Continue reading

TV Makes You Dumb and Dumber

A new study of Americans by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute shows that watching TV, including TV news, diminishes a person’s score on a basic civic literacy exam. In fact, the study of 2,508 Americans found that, for each hour of … Continue reading

Did the Church Let Miley Cyrus Down?

By Michelle S. Lazurek, Contributing Writer Checking my Facebook news feed last week, Christians and Non-Christians alike became fixated on the hot topic of Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards. Curious as to what all the hype … Continue reading

The Hunger Games: Starving for Real Meaning

By Rob Wiese, Contributing Writer The original HUNGER GAMES story was written by Suzanne Collins. It was a “young adult” novel that achieved great success in the print market and wide popularity among North American and European readers. As the … Continue reading

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

By David Outten, Production Editor What is Christmas? It’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift to mankind. This celebration has devolved into a very secular shopping season highlighted by days called Black Friday and Cyber Monday. … Continue reading


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