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All Pornography Is Homoerotic

By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. (April, 2005) Author of Kinsey, Sex & Fraud, “Soft Porn” Plays Hardball, and Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences A young female Marine who often helped with my research, brought a fellow male officer to help move … Continue reading

Scriptwriting Workshop Offered

Do you want to create or recognize a blockbuster, then join us for the SO YOU WANT TO BE IN PICTURES Scriptwriting class dates:  April 15-16-17  Here is the schedule: 04/15/09 Wednesday                   9:30 AM -12:30 PM Script writing class begins … Continue reading

We Are Not in Kansas or Kiev Anymore

By Ted Baehr, JD, HHD The entertainment industry in Hollywood is an influential world force. When I am in my office, I am only about 45 miles north of the heart of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. The drive … Continue reading

Moviegoers Like Conservative Values

Study:  Moviegoers Prefer Movies with Conservative Values   An annual study shows that in 2012 American moviegoers still preferred movies with strong conservative content or values over movies with liberal or leftist values, by nearly a five-to-one margin.   The … Continue reading

Haiti’s Disaster and Hollywood’s AVATAR

by Vishal Mangalwadi The 9 million people of Haiti, largely of Afrcan descent, inhabit about 10,000 square miles of the paradise-like Caribbean island of Hispaniola. They constitute the only nation to gain its independence through a successful slave rebellion in 1804. … Continue reading

Vampires Rising

For a slideshow of vampires in the movies click here. By Tal Brooke On the outer edges of your perception you sense you are being watched by what few people believe even exists an ancient race of predators hidden within the … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of MARS NEEDS MOMS

Celebrating Mothers and the Traditional Definition of Family By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor Children need both a mother and a father. That’s the surprising conclusion the cast, writers, director, and primary producer of the brilliant, highly entertaining animated movie from … Continue reading

Building a Reel Legacy – Accomplishments, 2010

God has nurtured, blessed and empowered Good News Communications/Christian Film & Television Commission®/MOVIEGUIDE® over the last 32 years, providing incredible opportunities for us to witness to Him and supporting us as we ventured forth in faith in His Grace.


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