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Should Christians Avoid All Movie Violence?

By Dr. Ted Baehr and Dr. Tom Snyder Our comprehensive movie reviews at MOVIEGUIDE®, the definitive family guide to movies and entertainment, not only tell parents the amount of foul language, sex, nudity, alcohol use, smoking, and drug use occurring … Continue reading

Trouble at TriBeCa Film Fest?

NY Festival Turns Away Farmers, Prompting Questions About Documentary’s Agenda by Natalie Fertig Hollywood, CA – Is the Tribeca Film Festival shutting out viewers who don’t agree with the messages of its documentaries? Phelim McAleer, a journalist at the premiere … Continue reading

Weekend Thoughts

  Weekend Thoughts Posted on February 20, 2013   In sifting through this weekend’s events and digesting still the fact that GIDEON took home the Grand Prize of the KairosPrize Spirtually Uplifting Screenplay Competition….the word “Incredible” comes to mind….followed quickly … Continue reading


THE AVENGERS opens this weekend featuring a confederation of Marvel superheroes. Here’s reviews of recent Marvel superhero movies.  See if your favorite is here. CAPTAIN AMERICA CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE FIRST AVENGER tells the origin of Marvel’s first super-hero and the … Continue reading

About Dr. Baehr

Ted Baehr is Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®:  The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment and Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry, as well as a noted critic, educator, lecturer, and media pundit. His life’s purpose is … Continue reading


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