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That’s Popcorn Robbery!!!

By David Outten You’ve heard the figure of speech “that’s highway robbery.” What it really means is that a price is outrageously high, but how many people are robbed going 70-miles-an-hour down an interstate? In the 21st Century the figure … Continue reading

Hollywood’s Language Problem

By Carl Kozlowski, Contributing Writer, with Tom Snyder, Editor Of all the things that viewers and the MPAA movie ratings board can find objectionable in a movie, the use of foul language has to be the most confounding. Prior to … Continue reading

We Are Not in Kansas or Kiev Anymore

By Ted Baehr, JD, HHD The entertainment industry in Hollywood is an influential world force. When I am in my office, I am only about 45 miles north of the heart of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. The drive … Continue reading

Movieguide’s Cannes Diary

Wrap Up of the Cannes Film Festival By Evy Baehr, associate editor of MOVIEGUIDE® With Natalie Fertig, guest contributor. The south of France provided a beautiful backdrop for the Cannes Film Festival this May. Movieguide was excited to have the … Continue reading

Building a Reel Legacy – Accomplishments, 2010

God has nurtured, blessed and empowered Good News Communications/Christian Film & Television Commission®/MOVIEGUIDE® over the last 32 years, providing incredible opportunities for us to witness to Him and supporting us as we ventured forth in faith in His Grace.


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