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Pornography Harms Website Launched

The devastating harm from pornography is becoming more evident with each passing day. Now a website has been launched to provide ready access to credible, peer-reviewed research documenting that harm.   “Pornography Harms,, is a one-stop location for sound … Continue reading


Writers at Movieguide Theodore “Ted” Baehr Dr. Baehr is the Chief Executive Officer of Good News Communications, Inc. dba The Christian Film & Television Commission® (CFTVC) ministry, and Publisher and Editor in Chief of MOVIEGUIDE®. All over the world, Ted … Continue reading

Revisionist Hollywood History

Revisionist Hollywood History: NBC’s “George Washington” and Spielberg’s “Lincoln” By David Barton, Contributing Writer Recent years have seen a rekindling of national interest in America’s true history – a fact borne out by the New York Times bestseller list. Whether … Continue reading

Movieguide® Intern Program

Do you want to serve God, serve others and use your gifts and talents? God is calling extraordinary young people willing to be used by Him to redeem the values of the mass media of entertainment. At Movieguide, we are looking … Continue reading


By David Outten I’ve received some challenging replies to articles I’ve written in regard to the message of AVATAR. Several indicate that I need to “get a life” that AVATAR is “just a movie.” Others take a more thoughtful approach. … Continue reading

Fondly Remembering Fred Travalena

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® Although Michael Jackson’s death has grabbed all the headlines, there have been several famous celebrities who have died recently whose star is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Farrah Fawcett made some headlines … Continue reading

NOAH Inspires People to Read the Bible, Stats Reveal

By Diana Tyler, Contributing Writer Since well before the release of Darren Aronofsky’s epic actioner NOAH, religious leaders and Christian critics have been discussing the extra-biblical material inserted into Hollywood’s new adaptation of the story. From the portrayal of the … Continue reading

About Movieguide

MOVIEGUIDE® was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ted Baehr, past president of the Episcopal Radio & Television Foundation and former director of the Television Center at the City University of New York. A graduate of high distinction in Comparative Literature … Continue reading

Where Is the Love in Sex Education?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher Every year, I have the opportunity to speak in different countries on how to make media-wise families. This year was Ukraine, which I visited a few weeks ago as part of the International Congress of … Continue reading


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