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The Joel Osteen Hoax

Another Reason To Teach Your Family Media Wisdom By Natalie Fertig, Public Relations Editor In the age of Twitter, Facebook, and mobile devices, news can spread quicker than it can be substantiated. In most cases, news outlets are quick to substantiate or discredit rumors and random tweets, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. Such was the case with Monday’s Joel Osteen Hoax. As the west coast headed to work and teenagers sat in their f… Continue reading

Bad Samaritans

  BOOK GUIDE:  BAD SAMARITANS:   THE ACLU’s RELENTLESS CAMPAIGN TO ERASE FAITH FROM THE PUBLIC SQUARE New York Times best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, has written the most readable and comprehensive book on the nefarious efforts of the ACLU to erase faith from the public square, entitled: BAD SAMARITANS. Having read most of the books on the intentionally destructive history of the ACLU, it must be said that Dr. Corsi’s BAD SAMAR… Continue reading


Imagine a film which looks like it is aimed at kindergarten children (MCA-Universal has even placed articles in national kindergarten school magazines), yet is full of sex, violence and foul language, some coming out of the mouths of little children. In line with the Motion Picture Association of America PG-13-rating, MCA Universal has told exhibitors that KINDERGARTEN COP is for 13-year-olds and up, but everything about the way the film is bein… Continue reading


THE STONING OF SORAYA M. is a powerful, passionate dramatization of a true story about Soraya, a Muslim woman whose husband, Ghorban-Ali, wants to dispose of her. This compelling and emotional movie represents what occurs all too often in some Islamic countries. In the beginning, Fereidoune Sahebjam, a French journalist of Iranian descent, becomes stranded when his car breaks down in a small Iranian village, just after the Khomeini Islamic revol… Continue reading


Part glossy thriller, part subversive comedy, this film is anything but conventional, as it touches on a remote corner of the political agenda: the U.S./Moroccan connection. Framed by the ’81 and ’84 riots in Casablanca (when people demonstrated their opposition to the war in the Western Sahara, especially to the existence and treatment of political prisoners), its aim is to make people aware of the much ignored political situation i… Continue reading


THE INFORMANT! is a well-produced, well-acted, important movie that drills down on the sinful nature of man as manifested in lying, embezzlement and greed. This relentless attempt to expose these evils almost captures the essence of man’s sinfulness, but more often seems like sitting in a dentist office getting a root canal without any Novocain. Matt Damon does an incredibly good job of playing Mark Whitacre, a Ph.D. biologist and rising busines… Continue reading

Holy Confrontations, Batman! Preaching the Gospel at Comic-Con 2012

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor The best news at Comic-Con 2012 was that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was being preached on the streets and even in the convention. MOVIEGUIDE® saw several groups of people preaching the Gospel outside the San Diego Convention Center. One man was carrying a cross near the trolley tracks across the street. A woman nearby passed out a great tract, titled “Proof,” proving the existence of God and showing that belief in th… Continue reading

Don’t Be a Sucker for Hollywood’s Shell Game

By Ted Baehr, Publisher Intelligence is not your smarts, as they say in New York, but knowing everything you can about the target territory, such as where the weapons of mass destruction are buried. MOVIEGUIDE® always has urged people of faith and values to get into the entertainment industry. At the same time, we have warned people about the pitfalls and tried to educate people and equip them to deal with the unique situation of show busines… Continue reading

About Movieguide

MOVIEGUIDE® was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ted Baehr, past president of the Episcopal Radio & Television Foundation and former director of the Television Center at the City University of New York. A graduate of high distinction in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth College, Dr. Baehr received his Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law, where he served as the editor of the NYU Law School Newspaper. MOVIEGUIDE® is affiliated with t… Continue reading

Movieguide® Intern Program

Do you want to serve God, serve others and use your gifts and talents? God is calling extraordinary young people willing to be used by Him to redeem the values of the mass media of entertainment. At Movieguide, we are looking for people who want to pour out their lives in redeeming the values of the mass media of entertainment, teaching people to be media-wise and reaching the lost. Through hands-on experience, you will receive the necessa… Continue reading


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