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NEWS: Say It Ain’t So, Mr. Cameron!

In his 2009 blockbuster AVATAR, Director James Cameron was totally against human corporations mining for energy on the fictional planet Pandora. But, now, Cameron has invested in Planetary Resources, a company that plans to conduct mining operations on asteroids close … Continue reading

Christian Movie Reviews Coming to Fox News

  Hollywood, Calif. – The Christian family organization Movieguide®,, will be placing its faith-based movie reviews on Fox News and its “Fox & friends” show starting this Friday, Nov. 18, for a seven-week trial. Movieguide® is a trusted source for the … Continue reading

Corrupt “News” Media Favors Obama, 2 to 1!

America’s national “news” media has become thoroughly corrupted politically, according to two new studies on the current presidential campaign. The Center for Media and Public Affairs reports that evening newscasts on NBC, ABC and CBS have favored Sen. Obama over … Continue reading

Take The Good News As You Can Get It

Advertising Age has come out with the top ten best-selling video game titles across multiple platforms and MOVIEGUIDE ® got a chance to look over them. Of the ten, eight fall into an “OK” category, unlike other years when such … Continue reading

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Internet Overtakes Newspapers

Though the newspaper industry has stopped some of the bleeding and only declined 5% overall in 2010, the Internet has passed the industry in U.S. ad revenue. According to Ad Age, this makes the Internet “the second-largest ad medium behind … Continue reading


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