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Top 10 Iron Man Armors

We take a look back at the best Iron Man Armors over the years, from the comic books to the movies:

Bringing the Gospel to Inmates

Christian Ministry NEXT Launches Powerful Prison Ministry NEXT and Bible League International Join to Bring Inmates andTheir Families the Good News of Jesus (Seattle, WA) NEXT, the publisher of the Japanese art style manga Bible series, is distributing 40,000 manga Bible books to … Continue reading

Concerned Parents Can Turn to MOVIEGUIDE®

A recent survey by the Barna Research Group shows that parents are concerned about the negative content in many media-related products, but they don’t know where to turn when deciding what products to buy for their children, especially their teenagers. … Continue reading

Fame Is More Fleeting Than Ever!

People are becoming celebrities at a much younger age, but they are also losing their fame more rapidly than ever before! That’s a major finding from a Harvard-led team of scholars who quantified cultural trends by examining the frequency in … Continue reading


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