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Scotty Dugan 1959-2011

HE HONORED OTHERS OVER HIMSELFFor Those Entering the New Year…A Life Lesson from the Passing of a Hollywood Publicist       Little did Hollywood publicist Scotty Dugan know last Wednesday (Dec. 21) as he climbed onto his bike to head to … Continue reading

Pornography Harms Website Launched

The devastating harm from pornography is becoming more evident with each passing day. Now a website has been launched to provide ready access to credible, peer-reviewed research documenting that harm.   “Pornography Harms,, is a one-stop location for sound … Continue reading

Where Is the Love in Sex Education?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher Every year, I have the opportunity to speak in different countries on how to make media-wise families. This year was Ukraine, which I visited a few weeks ago as part of the International Congress of … Continue reading


By David Outten I’ve received some challenging replies to articles I’ve written in regard to the message of AVATAR. Several indicate that I need to “get a life” that AVATAR is “just a movie.” Others take a more thoughtful approach. … Continue reading

The Gag-a Factor on GLEE

  Born This Way? We Don’t Think So! By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor of Movieguide® Our mission at Movieguide® concentrates on promoting positive values – the Good, the True and the Beautiful – in terms of a biblical worldview that’s Christian and family … Continue reading

Fondly Remembering Fred Travalena

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® Although Michael Jackson’s death has grabbed all the headlines, there have been several famous celebrities who have died recently whose star is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Farrah Fawcett made some headlines … Continue reading

The Need for Discernment

By John A. Murray “A massive global assault has been launched upon us, and it is the arts more than any single force that predominate as an influential agent, molding our character, our values, and our beliefs. Never before in … Continue reading


“Whoever controls the media controls the culture.” MOVIEGUIDE® has a long, proven reputation of providing in-depth reviews with a comprehensive analysis. More often than not, MOVIEGUIDE® is able to pinpoint those good movies that are going to do well at … Continue reading


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