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Could Captain America Spark Political Change?

By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin “This isn’t freedom, this is fear.” ~ Captain America As CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE WINTER … Continue reading

Man of Steel, America’s Pop Culture Christ

The Cultural Impact of Superman and Its Spotlight on Christianity By Natalie Fertig, Staff Writer Christianity’s relationship with pop culture did not begin in the 20th century. Since medieval times, characters – both fact and fiction – have emerged to represent a … Continue reading

The Joel Osteen Hoax

Another Reason To Teach Your Family Media Wisdom By Natalie Fertig, Public Relations Editor In the age of Twitter, Facebook, and mobile devices, news can spread quicker than it can be substantiated. In most cases, news outlets are quick to … Continue reading

Bad Samaritans

  BOOK GUIDE:  BAD SAMARITANS:   THE ACLU’s RELENTLESS CAMPAIGN TO ERASE FAITH FROM THE PUBLIC SQUARE New York Times best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, has written the most readable and comprehensive book on the nefarious efforts of the ACLU to … Continue reading

The Gag-a Factor on GLEE

  Born This Way? We Don’t Think So! By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor of Movieguide® Our mission at Movieguide® concentrates on promoting positive values – the Good, the True and the Beautiful – in terms of a biblical worldview that’s Christian and family … Continue reading


“Whoever controls the media controls the culture.” MOVIEGUIDE® has a long, proven reputation of providing in-depth reviews with a comprehensive analysis. More often than not, MOVIEGUIDE® is able to pinpoint those good movies that are going to do well at … Continue reading

Scotty Dugan 1959-2011

HE HONORED OTHERS OVER HIMSELFFor Those Entering the New Year…A Life Lesson from the Passing of a Hollywood Publicist       Little did Hollywood publicist Scotty Dugan know last Wednesday (Dec. 21) as he climbed onto his bike to head to … Continue reading

What’s Your Test for Truth?

What’s Your Test for Truth? By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor What’s your test for truth? How do you personally determine whether your beliefs are true, false, just, and unbiased? Every reasonable person starts with the basic assumption that knowledge is … Continue reading

Faith in America, 2014

Faith in America, 2014 ** Christian Beliefs Still Strong but Decreasing A Harris Interactive® Poll of 2,250 American adults on the Internet, taken Nov. 13-18, 2013, found that 74% of Americans believe in God and 68% believe Jesus is God … Continue reading

LINCOLN’s Lost Opportunities

By Mark Joseph By Hollywood standards, Lincoln has done respectable business at the box office and Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance as America’s 16th president is stunning, but a botched marketing campaign and a lack of ideological diversity among those who made the … Continue reading


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