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** Homeschoolers Do Better Homeschooling has often acquired negative stereotypes, but new studies have shown homeschoolers are testing at higher levels than students in public schools. Homeschooled students are doing better on standardized achievement tests as well as on the … Continue reading

Bringing THE GIVER to the Big Screen

Bringing THE GIVER to the Big Screen By Evy Baehr of MOVIEGUIDE®   Walden Media is known for bring beloved books to the big screen, including Movieguide® favorites like “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Bridge to Terabithia” and many others. This time, Walden … Continue reading

‘FIREPROOF’ Filmmakers Begin Fifth Feature Movie

‘FIREPROOF’ Filmmakers Begin Fifth Feature Movie By Kaeli Kesterson, Contributing Writer Movieguide® is excited to report that Alex and Stephen Kendrick (FIREPROOF, COURAGEOUS, and FACING THE GIANTS) will be shooting their fifth feature movie this year. With successful faith-based movies … Continue reading

The Phenomenon

By Alex Harmening, Contributing Writer  The next time you see a movie at the theaters, it might be produced by the same website from which you just ordered a used book or downloaded a new mp3 album. Last week, Amazon … Continue reading


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