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The Need for Discernment

By John A. Murray “A massive global assault has been launched upon us, and it is the arts more than any single force that predominate as an influential agent, molding our character, our values, and our beliefs. Never before in … Continue reading

Bullied to Death: Are Christians to Blame?

  By Stephen Bennett If you’ve been following the media throughout these past few weeks, you may have noticed an unprecedented number of news stories, articles and videos addressing bullying, suicide – and homosexuality. The media honed in on several high-profile … Continue reading

Reel Change

“Burning Down the Shack” exposes the greatest deception to blindside the church in the last 200 years! By James B. De Young, ThD My wife and I recently enjoyed an evening together in our home viewing “Anne of Green Gables,” … Continue reading

Disembodied Virtual Relationships

By William David Spencer When a 27-year-old man from Tokyo fell in love with and subsequently married an animated character from Nintendo’s Love Plus video game, we might have expected his bereaved parents or concerned employer or landlady to have … Continue reading

Recent Letters to the Editor

We receive many letters for MOVIEGUIDE®: THE BIBLICAL GUIDE TO MOVIES AND ENTERTAINMENT. Here are some that blessed us: ** A Great Resource for Families! Dear Dr. Baehr, I have never visited the MOVIEGUIDE® website until today. I really enjoyed … Continue reading


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