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Hollywood Blockheads Mock Traditional Marriage

In the wake of the vicious homosexual attacks on Miss California Carrie Prejean’s personal opposition to same-sex marriage at the recent Miss USA Pageant, a group of Hollywood celebrities have made a video mocking traditional marriage and its supporters. Stars … Continue reading


SEVENTH SON is a fairly entertaining B movie in the fantasy film genre, but it has a Non-Christian, unbiblical, occult view of witches and witchcraft, mitigated by some moral statements and actions. Loosely based on a series of books, the … Continue reading

How One Movie Changed A Small Town

How One Movie Changed A Small Town  In June of 2014, UPtv premiered LOVE FINDS YOU IN SUGARCREEK, OHIO to tremendous success, a TV movie based on the novel by Serena B. Miller. It’s been a month since the story revolving around Amish community … Continue reading

A Game of Bat and Mouse

by Gary Nosacek The recent announcement that Disney would be buying Marvel was not exactly greeted with victory shouts of, ” I’m going to Disneyworld!” Fans of both companies have strong misgivings about the matchup, and since I spent 20 … Continue reading


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