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They’re Not Loving It: McDonalds Dangerous Move

They’re Not Loving It By Grace Margaretha, Contributing Writer When McDonald’s Hamburgers is mentioned, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What about a company that advertises on shows with sex orgies, strip clubs and “jokes” about child molestation? … Continue reading

How the Internet is Changing TV

eMarketer, a website dealing with Internet marketing, reports that 113 million Americans (35.5 percent of the population) use the Internet to serve programming to their televisions. They predict that by 2018 this will rise to 191 million people, or 58 … Continue reading

Banning Free Speech Until the Cows Come Home

By Robert Knight  It’s hard to think of a more dangerous threat to First Amendment freedoms than the Federal Communications Commission’s scheme a few months ago to station government “researchers” in newsrooms. It had all the makings of “1984”-style intimidation … Continue reading

College Threatens Christian Groups

Officials from Vanderbilt University have placed five Christian groups on campus on “provisional status” because they require students to be Christian and share biblical values. Apparently, a review found the groups in non-compliance with the school’s Neo-Marxist nondiscrimination policies. Carried … Continue reading

HUNGER GAMES Inspires Dissent in Thailand

HUNGER GAMES Inspires Dissent in Thailand Job Garcia, Contributing Writer It is often said that “life imitates art,” and to a certain degree in many cases this statement is undoubtedly true. The news media often reports cases of individuals who … Continue reading

COURAGEOUS Beats Competition

The faith filled movie COURAGEOUS hit the DVD shelves two weeks ago and has managed to beat out Hollywood blockbusters MONEYBALL, IDES OF MARCH and ABDUCTION.

Christmas Without Christ????

A new study by the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute shows that the three evening “news” broadcasts on ABC, CBS and NBC completely ignored Jesus Christ and God during their references to the Christmas season!!! Out of 527 … Continue reading

UK Red Cross Bans Christmas!

The Red Cross banned Christmas from its 430 fundraising shops in the United Kingdom, according to a MailOnline report recently. “We’ve been instructed that we can’t say anything about Christmas and we certainly can’t have a Christmas tree,” complained Christine … Continue reading


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