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Porn Producers Lose Obscenity Ruling

Score one for the good guys. A federal judge in Washington, D.C. refused to dismiss a case against film producers who are charged with trafficking hard-core pornographic films across state lines and putting obscene trailers on the Internet. The producers … Continue reading

We Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Hey, all you opera fans, listen up. Associated Press announces the happy news that we have all been waiting for. Al Gore’s movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is going to become an opera. Yes, an opera. Regrettably, this will take place … Continue reading

Overcoming Misguided Mindless Media Morality

Overcoming Misguided Mindless Media Morality By David Outten and Tom Snyder News media outlets recently have suspended several reporters and commentators for their allegedly controversial political views. ESPN suspended two of its stars recently for being offensive. Steven A. Smith … Continue reading

Revisionist History and Myth Conceptions

Revisionist History and Myth Conceptions By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher   Recently, a brilliant astrophysicist said he couldn’t understand why some Muslims had become so violent, reacting to the beheadings in Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Kenya, and, of course, many … Continue reading


  By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher Recently at an academic conference I keynoted, I noted that the Catholic and mainline professors were deeply engaged in understanding the breadth and depth of the theology of the topic being considered. Some of … Continue reading

TV Makes You Dumb and Dumber

A new study of Americans by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute shows that watching TV, including TV news, diminishes a person’s score on a basic civic literacy exam. In fact, the study of 2,508 Americans found that, for each hour of … Continue reading


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