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Porn Producers Lose Obscenity Ruling

Score one for the good guys. A federal judge in Washington, D.C. refused to dismiss a case against film producers who are charged with trafficking hard-core pornographic films across state lines and putting obscene trailers on the Internet. The producers … Continue reading

Christianity’s Positive Impact

Recent comments, reported Dec. 8 by the ASSIST News Service, from some government leaders in Great Britain celebrating the role that Christianity played in securing people’s rights and freedoms in that nation shows, once again, that Christianity has had an … Continue reading

We Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Hey, all you opera fans, listen up. Associated Press announces the happy news that we have all been waiting for. Al Gore’s movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is going to become an opera. Yes, an opera. Regrettably, this will take place … Continue reading


WALK OF SHAME is a comedy about a woman trying to land a job as a news anchor at a national television station who gets completely lost on her way to a trial run. Though competently produced, WALK OF SHAME … Continue reading


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