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The Joel Osteen Hoax

Another Reason To Teach Your Family Media Wisdom By Natalie Fertig, Public Relations Editor In the age of Twitter, Facebook, and mobile devices, news can spread quicker than it can be substantiated. In most cases, news outlets are quick to … Continue reading

Homosexuality Is Still Deadly

Homosexuality not only leads to the deadly HIV/AIDS virus, it also leads to premature aging, according to the Los Angeles Times on Feb. 5. “I have a population that, having survived this terrible illness, is now getting illnesses of old … Continue reading

Christians Prefer Accuracy in Faith-Based Movies

Christians Prefer Accuracy in Faith-Based Movies By Job Garcia, Contributing Writer Religion and faith are extremely important for those who faithfully practice them. For many Christians, their faith and the Holy Scriptures are sacred and must be regarded with much … Continue reading

Banning Free Speech Until the Cows Come Home

By Robert Knight  It’s hard to think of a more dangerous threat to First Amendment freedoms than the Federal Communications Commission’s scheme a few months ago to station government “researchers” in newsrooms. It had all the makings of “1984”-style intimidation … Continue reading

They’re Not Loving It: McDonalds Dangerous Move

They’re Not Loving It By Grace Margaretha, Contributing Writer When McDonald’s Hamburgers is mentioned, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What about a company that advertises on shows with sex orgies, strip clubs and “jokes” about child molestation? … Continue reading


WALK OF SHAME is a comedy about a woman trying to land a job as a news anchor at a national television station who gets completely lost on her way to a trial run. Though competently produced, WALK OF SHAME … Continue reading

Destroying Young Minds

A recent news story has Dr. Ted Baehr, conservative media scholar and founder of Movieguide®:  The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, asking, “When will the video game industry be held responsible for encouraging violent behavior in children?” In Slaughter, … Continue reading


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