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June 26, 2013: Hollywood Welcomes Family and Faith at Second Annual Summit

For Immediate Release CONTACT: Natalie FertigPhone: (805) 465-3573Email: For an interview with Dr. Ted Baehr, please contact Tahlia at 1– 888– 248– 6689 or Beverly Hills, Calif. – Hollywood and the mainstream press are finally honoring the importance … Continue reading

The Biology of Pornography Addiction

By David Outten Scientists have been reluctant to refer to natural biological occurrences as addictions. They’ve been much quicker to declare that intakes such as alcohol, heroin or opium can cause addiction.   Now, with greater understanding of brain functions, … Continue reading

Movieguide® on Live TV!

Movieguide on Live TV! Movieguide® anchor Evy Baehr will be appearing on “Wilkow!” tonight on The Blaze TV network. Baehr will be part of a panel discussion on conservatism in Hollywood. Joining Baehr on the show are former “Wheel of … Continue reading

The Hopes and Hazards of A La Carte Cable

  By David Outten, Production Editor Why would the many Christian television networks side with the major Hollywood studios in opposing giving customers the power to buy only the channels they want, as opposed to bundles of channels?  Most communities … Continue reading


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