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Hollywood’s Drug Culture and You

By Tom Snyder, Editor In the past six years, the entertainment industry has lost Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman to drug overdoses. Now, my niece’s husband just died from a drug overdose. Michael … Continue reading

Look Out, Netflix and iTunes!

Target Launching Digital Service with Parental Controls Fueled by an uptick in its financial status, retail giant Target is launching its own digital movie, TV, video service on Oct. 1, to compete with services at companies such as Netflix, iTunes, … Continue reading

Who Will Remember Allison?

  By George M. Weaver It was a beautiful Atlanta spring day in May 1987, but it was the worst day of my life. An early morning biopsy delivered the devastating news that my beloved wife, Allison, had breast cancer … Continue reading

SHAME on Fox Searchlight

    By David Outten, Production Editor Fox Searchlight Pictures, a subsidiary of News Corp., has purchased the US. rights to distribute the movie SHAME about  sex addiction and incest. The movie is so offensive it is fully expected to … Continue reading

Duck Dynasty: A Real-Life Hollywood Drama

By Jared Lafitte, Contributing Writer Let’s make a good, old-fashioned Hollywood drama.  Here’s the plot sketch:  A money-hungry cable network is searching for a new reality TV show to boost their ratings. They’re fresh out of ideas when a marketing … Continue reading


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