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Looking for a great Internship?

Do you want to serve God, serve others and use your gifts and talents? God is calling extraordinary young people willing to be used by Him to redeem the values of the mass media of entertainment.

Through hands-on experience, you will receive the necessary tools to be an effective minister of the Gospel, develop a Christ-like character and understand the importance of servanthood.

We have two types of internships:

  • Remote Internships
  • In-Office Internships

We will work with your focus area and you will learn how to be effective in the Entertainment Industry within that focus.

“Every aspect of the Movieguide® internship program is positively enticing, from Movieguide®’s location, nestled in the scenic contours of Camarillo, CA, down to the wonderful and loving family that comprises Movieguide®’s staff.”

-Former Intern

“The Movieguide® internship was the greatest opportunity I’ve ever gotten. I learned so much about the media industry in a safe and biblical environment.”

-Former Intern

Remote Interns

What You’ll Do:

  • Stream at least three movies a week and write a detailed analysis of the movie’s key details according to the Movieguide® DNA style guide. These reviews could be published on movieguide.org and distributed through our newsletters around the world.  
  • Use this comprehensive analysis to advise families on if the movie is appropriate for children. 
  • Write seasonal overviews of popular TV shows in the form of an op-ed, offering insight to families and notifying them of any questionable elements a season may contain. 
  • Write at least two to three articles a week about entertainment industry news.

What's Required:

  • A deep understanding of the Christian faith and biblical principles
  • A keen knowledge of major worldviews and the ability to recognize those worldviews in media
  • A flexible attitude and general sense of news judgment of what TV shows and movies are most important to our audiences
  • A strong home internet connection and access to major streaming platforms, including Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
  • The ability to turn around reviews within 24 hours of a screening
  • Some experience writing 200-400 word news stories 
  • A general understanding of news judgment and what the Movieguide® audience wants
  • A humble spirit, as the editing process can sometimes be grueling
  • The capability to turn reviews into articles to be published on movieguide.org 

What You'll Get:

  • School credit
  • Potential byline on an internationally known movie review site
  • One-on-one feedback with a Movieguide® editor to learn how to improve


In-Office Interns

  • Length of Internship:Duration 8-12 weeks. We are flexible with school schedules therefore do not set rigid start and finish dates.
  • Transportation:Los Angeles is very spread out, it is recommended to have a car.
  • Work Load: Student interns work 20-25 hours a week (occasionally more) at the Movieguide Offices.
  • Work Schedules: Interns work 3 days a week with occasional filming at night and weekends. Days can usually be arranged to accommodate schedule and are somewhat flexible.
  • Experience: Each month we will have a day to take you to a new site in Hollywood to help you submerse yourself. Interns learn how to improve writing and editing and how Interns may have the ability to attend a premiere or press junket.
  • Mentors:Interns have a mentor relationship with Dr. Ted Baehr, other Movieguide staff members and possible opportunities to create industry relationships. Interns meet with mentors in different fields to give them daily tasks. Dr. Ted Baehr outlines a recommended educational career path and student interns are encouraged to pursue college level classes.
  • Pay: Internships are unpaid and can count towards a college credit. Since the internship is part time, some interns do freelance work or get a part time job to assist with living cost.

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