Actor Kristopher Polaha: ‘Christ Is the Center of the Holiday For Us’

Photo courtesy of World Vision

Actor Kristopher Polaha: ‘Christ Is the Center of the Holiday For Us’

By Movieguide® Contributor

“Christ is the center of the holiday for us,” says WONDER WOMAN 1984 actor Kristopher Polaha. “What it means to choose joy this Christmas season is to allow yourself to be fully impacted by the Christian narrative. I think if you can truly unpack how profound that narrative is, then you’re left with no other choice but then to choose kindness, to choose goodness, to choose joy, to choose love, to choose peace and faithfulness.”

Polaha is choosing kindness, goodness, joy, love and faithfulness by partnering with World Vision for their upcoming Christmas catalogue. Polaha chose a special bracelet to be part of the charity’s Christmas collection. 

“When I got this call, I hopped online, and I saw everything that they’re doing on a global level,” Polaha said. “And it’s truly mind blowing. So the fact that I was that they asked if I would jump on board and, and sort of contribute on their behalf. I was honored and totally overwhelmed by that.”

He picked out a three-part bracelet, made by artisans in India.

“I like the idea that there’s the Trinity. You got three of them, which is like faith, hope and love….I also like the idea that you could choose joy, you could choose love, you could choose faith,” Polaha said.

Choosing the joy and love is one of Polaha’s favorite part of the holiday season.

“One of the things that I love most about the Christmas season is that, I guess we call it the spirit of Christmas, where everyone just feels happier. They feel more joyful, they’re kinder to one another,” Polaha shared. “And I just love the idea that, you know, 2000 years ago, this baby was born in the desert at night, and in that moment, the whole world was changed….and once a year, we are reminded to go back to that mentality. So I love that yearly, we get this annual reset of mind and focus.” 

Polaha continued: “I think that if you can just stay true to what the reality of the season is, and you can remember that it’s about Jesus and it’s about this baby that was born….through the life that he lived, which is really truly about….bringing heaven on earth and loving one another and being present with one another….If you could all of a sudden jump into that mindset, then you stay pretty grounded.”