Dr. Ted Baehr to Speak in Moscow and Madrid

MOSCOW May 21-24

Dr. Ted Baehr will be speaking throughout Moscow in the last week of May as he kicks off the start of the Russian expansion of Movieguide®.

“It’s exciting to go and work with our friends in Moscow to spread Media Wisdom, “ Dr. Baehr says.  On the trip, Dr. Baehr will be speaking at three Russian Universities, as well as the Film Academy, the Television Academy and the Cinema Society. 

“The first generation to come of age after the fall of the Berlin Wall heartily embraces media, but with that comes the desperate need for discernment and Media Wisdom.  I’m honored that Movieguide(R) is playing such a pivotal role at this time in Russia’s history,” adds Baehr.

The Director of Movieguide(R) Russia, Alexey Komov echoes Dr. Baehr, “A large portion of the Russian population is concerned about the mass media’s assault on the family.”  One of the action items for the trip is the planning of the Moscow equivalent of the Hollywood Movieguide(R) Awards.  Like its American counterpart, the Awards program will honor outstanding movies that not only are exceptional in their craft but also redemptive and uplifting in their message.

MADRID May 25-27

Dr. Ted Baehr will be speaking at the World Congress of Families VI – in Madrid, Spain.

On Saturday May 26 he will chair a palen on Redeeming the Values of Entertainment for the Benefit of Families. Panelists include Juergen Haase, Norman Stone, Alex Rosal, José Javier Esparza, Fernando Larraín. Dr. Baehr, and the filmmakers on the panel, tell you what you need to know about the current state of the mass media of entertainment, how to use your faith to change the culture of the Entertainment Industry, and how to make a creative contribution by producing entertainment that builds up, encourages and equips the natural family. This panel includes: Breakthrough Scriptwriting… with Keys to Funding and Production; Everything You Want to Know About Hollywood But Are Afraid to Ask; and, How to Make Blockbuster Movies &  Entertainment.

On Sunday May 27: He will speak on The Role of the Media in the Education of Children: Indoctrination.
Dr. Baehr teaches that our greatest challenge now is the influence of the mass media of entertainment on our children and grandchildren. The media, for good and for ill, is the primary teacher of our youth. There’s hope though – children can be taught to be media-wise, and the entertainment industry can be turned to turned toward the good, the true, and the beautiful. This featured plenary enables you to teach children to be media-wise, helps you understand the wide influence of the mass media, and shows you how to redeem the industry. This talk covers: The Media’s Influence on Different Stages of Development; Understanding the Mass Media; Asking the Right Questions; and, Using and Influencing the Media for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.