How Fatherhood Strengthened Dean Cain’s Faith

Photo from Dean Cain’s Instagram

How Fatherhood Strengthened Dean Cain’s Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dean Cain recently revealed how fatherhood has impacted his faith and life, including the roles he chooses. 

Cain shared that he likes “to do a whole bunch of different things” when it comes to choosing projects. The actor has starred in LOIS & CLARK, HIT THE FLOOR, GOD’S NOT DEAD and FAITH UNDER FIRE

“I’m a single father. My son is 22 years old,” Cain explained. “I started making kids’ movies when he was a little kid.”

He continued, “Not all the films I make are faith-based and they’re not all inspirational, but a large majority are because I want my son to be able to see those films. I want him to learn from them. I want him to watch the way I’m living my life and the choices that I’m making and say, ‘I see why he’s doing that. I see why he wants to help out.’”

Cain also talked about how becoming a father changed his faith.

“My faith really got stronger, much stronger, and I really had to face it and discuss it once I became a father,” he explained. “That changed everything. Suddenly someone’s more important on this earth than me.” 

Cain continued, “And then I have to explain to him the world and the rules of the world, and why we’re here. You get into those questions that, as a single person running around, you can always just sort of, you know, sweep that under the table, but this forced it.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Cain’s commitment to family:

Since Dean Cain’s role as the iconic comic book character Superman in the ’90s TV show LOIS & CLARK, the actor has become a hallmark of conservative values in Hollywood. The actor, director and writer’s heart for moral and faith-based movies like GOD’S NOT DEAD and FAITH UNDER FIRE is a breath of fresh air for many moviegoers…

Despite Cain’s success in Hollywood, family is his priority.

“It’s just a balance between work and travel. And I have to balance it all times. [Son Christopher] comes with me on some of the shoots. I grew up the son of a director and grew up on sets myself, so I was the kid getting dragged around from this set to that set and I loved it. There’s something about it which is really interesting,” Cain said.

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