John Rhys-Davies: ‘Everything that we Value Really Comes from Christianity’

Photo Courtesy of Movieguide®

John Rhys-Davies: ‘Everything that we Value Really Comes from Christianity’

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Popular actor John Rhys-Davies opened up in a recent interview about Christianity and the importance of faith.

Ahead of Rhy-Davies movie I AM PATRICK, which is in theaters today and tomorrow for a fathom event, the INDIANA JONES actor made an appearance on a podcast to chat about the movie.

Lucas Miles, host of ‘The Lucas Miles Show’ podcast posed a question that had to do with a comment Rhy-Davies made to the Christian Post, “We owe Christianity the greatest debt of thanks that a generation could ever have.”

Miles wanted to know why the actor felt this way.

Rhys-Davies said,

“Everything that we value — everything that I valued when I was a student 50, 60 years ago, which I cannot any longer count on an audience accepting — really comes from Christianity. The idea of the right of free speech, the idea of the right to hold your own opinion really derives from the second century A.D., when Roman Christians were told they must practice the emperor’s religion and faith, and that quiet voice in them said, ‘No, actually, I serve a different God. And I have a divine right to do so.’”

He continued,

“And from that, has come our own great sense of free speech. Even things like the Bill of Rights and habeas corpus that are the founding marks of [the U.S.] Constitution, which derive in English law, which derive from the testimony of Christians operating on that early principle.”

According to Movieguide®’s review of I AM PATRICK,

“I AM PATRICK has a very strong Christian/biblical worldview and stresses the value of evangelism, ministry, confession, prayer, and trusting in God. There are some scenes with violence and one instance with depicted blood, which merit some caution for younger children. I AM PATRICK: PATRON SAINT OF IRELAND is a must-see movie for Christians and history buffs.”

Rhys-Davies also attended the 28th Annual Movieguide® Awards where he talked to our own Evy Baehr Carrol about the two books he believed shaped the United States.