Kairos Prize Winners!

The Kairos Prize winners were announced Friday night, February 15th as part of the Movieguide® Awards.

Simon Swart, Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, presented the winners:

$25,000 Grand Prize

Randall Hahn wrote GIDEON, an emotionally gripping tale of a mysterious boy with Christ-like powers who must bring together a racially charged town before the Mayor’s vindictive son murders him. It’s a story of love, healing and resplendent redemption.

$15,000 First Runner Up

Romeo Ciolfi scribed PLAY BALL, a heart-warming story of a minister whose life is now crippled by early dementia. With overwhelming visions of his deceased son and mother, his final sermon at the very place his life was transformed as a young boy is threatened.

$10,000 Second Runner Up

James M. De Vince wroteTHE BASKETBALL, a moving drama centered around a grieving mother, struggling over the loss of her child, who finds resolution and God’s healing in the very color she had grown to hate.

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