Pat Boone On Creating Movies About Faith, Family, and Freedom: ‘Good Things Can Reap Rewards’

Pat Boone at the 28th Annual Movieguide® Awards

Pat Boone Champions Movies About Faith, Family, and Freedom: ‘Good Things Can Reap Rewards’

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood icon Pat Boone and Movieguide®’s founder Dr. Ted Baehr recently sat down to discuss the modern box office and movies’ vital role in society.

Boone, a previous Movieguide® Award winner, is best known for his appearances in classic movies like 1959’s JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and STATE FAIR. The singer also earned credits for his work on famous movie soundtracks like 2006’s SUPERMAN RETURNS.

In recent years, the 88-year-old starred in THE MULLIGAN, a faith-based movie that promotes family, faith, and freedom; some of the cornerstones of Boone’s work.

“I’ve never made a movie that wasn’t G-rated,” Boone told Dr. Baehr. “They’ve been very successful. I know that G-rated films have a bigger potential audience, usually, which you’ve proven to me and to the industry, then all these X-rated, evil things that often cost millions and millions of dollars and they flop.”

“Meanwhile, G-rated films have a better chance, as I know, and you’ve proven of being seen by a lot of people and doing people good and preserving what I know is the reason that the movie industry in America was our greatest export,” he continued. “We exported to the world, a vision of America, that the rest of the world bought into back when all of our movies had happy endings. The good guys won, and the bad guys were punished. Pictures of American life were the envy of the world.”

Boone also commended the Movieguide® Awards for championing the industry’s most uplifting, faith-filled, and moral movies.

“You are holding up the standard for movies themselves, being what they were meant to be, pictures of life,” Boone explained. “[Movies] that cause people to be glad to be alive and not to be despondent and embarrassed to be part of the human race.”

“The more pro-faith they are, the better they do,” Dr. Baehr added. “Pro-faith movies last year, those movies did seven times more than movies that were anti-faith.If you’re pro-conservative values, faith and freedom and all the rest, you can make $90 million on average. Anti-faith and freedom you make like $11 million on average.”

Boone continued: “I consider the Movieguide® Awards the most important awards of any movie season. The Movieguide® Awards are just a light shining in what is becoming the gathering darkness I think, in the movie industry. A light that illuminates films that are themselves light, about the better parts of human nature, about how a family can grow and develop and be a wonderful family and succeed in our American society, which itself is becoming corrupted.

“It does spread the word and the light that good things can be rewarded. Good things can reap rewards.”

Boone concluded with a message of hope to filmmakers today.

“We can still tell good stories about good things that people can do,” he said. “And give hope, and a sense of well-being about a future that we can still have, if we will seek that light. If we will bathe ourselves in that light now.”

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Movieguide® previously reported:

The actor has attended countless Movieguide® Awards. At the 2001 Awards, he said, “I have always been totally supportive since the beginning of Movieguide®. I’ve been in [Ted Baehr’s] corner. He’s like Moses and I am like Aaron, holding up his hand.

“Ted Baehr is a leader and he keeps reminding people in this industry, as well as Christians, that there are people who are successful and even making money in doing good things, and he draws attention to it.”

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