Penn State Wrestler Credits God For Recent Win: ‘Holy Spirit Power, It’s Everything’

Photo from Aaron Brooks’ Instagram

Penn State Wrestler Credits God For Recent Win: ‘Holy Spirit Power, It’s Everything’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks boldly proclaimed his Christian faith after a recent win.

Brooks won an NCAA title at a recent match and gave credit to God for his victory.

“It’s everything, Christ’s resurrection is everything,” Brooks said after the match. “Not just his life, but his death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him — the Holy Spirit only through Him.”

He continued, “No false prophets, no Muhammad or no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ himself. Acts 1:8, Power, Holy Spirit power, it’s everything. That’s where it’s from.”

Some have taken issue with the fact that Brooks stated Muhammad was a false prophet, and the video of his statement was soon deleted from the NCAA Wrestling Twitter account. 

However, Brooks often shares his Christian faith, telling the Penn State newspaper that his platform as an athlete is to “glorify God.”

“This stuff comes and goes,” he explained. “I’m blessed with this opportunity, these gifts. They’re not mine. He gives them to me to bring glory to Him.”


Brooks is far from the only athlete who credits God for their success. Movieguide® previously reported on track star Sydney McLaughlin:

Sydney McLaughlin was recently honored with the Athlete of the Year award and the Olympian gave all the glory to God.

“What a way to end the most eventful year of life thus far. All praise be to God. It is by His grace, that this is all possible,” she captioned a series of pictures of her at the event. 

She continued, “Thank you @worldathletics and the Prince of Monaco for an unforgettable evening!! Your hospitality and company was truly spectacular! Congratulations to all the other winners and amazing nominees! Let’s make 2023 the best one yet!”

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