PRAISE PETEY: Disney’s Latest Perverse Show Will Further Alienate Audiences

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PRAISE PETEY: Disney’s Latest Perverse Show Will Further Alienate Audiences

By Movieguide® Contributor

PRAISE PETEY, a new, disturbing animated Disney series, recently appeared on Freeform and Hulu and left many outraged over its immoral themes.

Natural News reports that PRAISE PETEY is “an ‘adult animated comedy,’ [that] depicts a girl having to move from the big city to ‘a place called New Utopia’ where she is charged with taking care of her deceased father’s ritualistic murder cult.”

The official trailer follows Petey as she becomes the cult’s leader.

“It’s morning again,” she says in the trailer. “The sun is shining, the goats are screaming and I’m still here despite the fact that last night I witnessed someone get ritualistically murdered by my dad’s cult that I just inherited.”

The trailer then shifts to a memory of men in red cloaks chanting, stabbing a man and drinking his blood.

In addition to the occult practices portrayed, Natural News describes the series’ strong feminist theme.

“As usual, Petey is propped up as an independent, empowered woman who defies the patriarchy, which is admittedly evil in the context of the show’s premise,” Natural News explains.

“Petey takes it upon herself to remove the cult elements from her father’s town and give the community a different pathway forward. ‘No more human sacrifice,’ Petey, dressed in a ‘midsommar-like flower gown’ tells the community members of New Utopia upon becoming empowered.”

Natural News adds that the show has a deceptive turn that may appear to be “good conquering evil” but is actually “evil becoming a different kind of evil.”

Unfortunately, this is not surprising since Disney has been open about supporting ungodly topics in recent years. Although this show is not intended for children, it is unsuitable for God-loving adults as well.

“This is just another verifier to show us how sick American and Western culture has become,” a commenter said.

Movieguide® previously reported on how Disney continues to produce perverse content:

When Bob Chapek launched Disney+ in November 2019, he promised families that the content on the streaming service would remain appropriate for the children at home. Some of the television shows developed by Disney-owned companies then moved to Hulu with the idea of keeping Disney+ safe for families with smaller children.

LOVE, VICTOR, a series spin-off of the LGBT romance movie, LOVE SIMON, was initially determined to debut on Hulu…

In June, as part of a celebration of LGBT Pride month, Disney debuted Season 3 of LOVE, VICTOR simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu. Even accounts that have parental controls set to remove mature content still see the show advertised. 

It’s all part of Disney’s heavy push for strong LGBT narratives in their content. TREVOR THE MUSICAL premieres June 24 about the boy who inspired The Trevor Project. Then, on June 30, the streaming service will premiere SAY IT WITH PRIDE: DISNEY+ CELEBRATES PRIDE 365. 

It’s frustrating to see a streaming service that previously offered one of the cleaner platforms cater to a minority, especially while Disney reaps the consequences of LIGHTYEAR’s lackluster theatrical performance.


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