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THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie: ‘I Am Constantly Awestruck by the Providence of God’

THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie: ‘I Am Constantly Awestruck by the Providence of God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE CHOSEN Season 3 wrapped Part 1 earlier this month, with star Jonathan Roumie reflecting on the experience via Instagram. 

“While its true the last few weeks were some of the most challenging for me personally and professionally, I must say that what we shot was some of the most beautiful and historic filmmaking I’ve ever been a part of. Blood, sweat and literal tears were poured into our narrative and will no doubt continue in spades upon our return,” Roumie wrote

Roumie previously won Movieguide® Grace Prize for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the popular series.

“I am constantly awestruck by the providence of God and His sneaky little plan for me personally. Four years ago, amidst the pangs of virtual penury, I would never have conceived that such a mystical feat was remotely possible. My prayer now is that this work withstands the test of time and outlives me,” Roumie continued. “Meanwhile, I’m tickled to have more than a few evidential embers of my days spent with this most special group of people, telling these Jesus stories which quietly and deeply change hearts open enough to be impacted.”

Season 3 of THE CHOSEN does not officially have a release date, though this season is expected to include Jesus’ miracle of the Feeding of the 5000 in a groundbreaking scene that gathered extras from around the world.

Last Christmas, THE CHOSEN released its first theatrical event, CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: THE MESSENGERS: 

The special event earned $8 million on opening night. It included a new episode of THE CHOSEN called THE MESSENGER and performances from prominent Christian artists such as Phil Wickham, Maverick City Music, The Bonner Family, and many more. 

“We knew we had something special with this title,” Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events, said in a recent press release. “We are grateful for the passionate fans of The Chosen and our exhibitor partners who accommodated demand by adding showtimes and locations. We are all partners on this journey to claim the #1 spot as Fathom’s best-selling event, ever!”

In just the first 12 hours of availability, THE MESSENGERS recorded the fastest out-of-the-gate sales with $1.5 million.  

“We don’t do this for the numbers, but these records indicate people will indeed go to the theater for a project they’re passionate about,” THE CHOSEN creator, writer, and director Dallas Jenkins said. “The enthusiastic comments from new and old fans give us confidence to do this again.”

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