The Movieguide® Awards: Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

By Ted Baehr with David Outten

Watch any Awards show on television, and you’ll see celebrities trying to look their best in tuxedos and designer dresses.

Regrettably, on many of the same shows, you’ll see hosts and presenters resort to dirty language, dirty jokes, sexual innuendo, and even outright celebration of immorality. In the awards show circuit, apparently, filth is fashionable.

At one of the biggest shows recent, we socialized with celebrities and well-known artists like Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg, among others. Also, however, my wife Lili and I sat next to a young teenager who came with his parents. The room had several other children actors and actresses. The boy next to me just came for the “Muppet” movie. He was annoyed by the sexual jokes and foul language.

At the Golden Globe Awards, host Ricky Gervais observed that the Golden Globes are “a bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker, and more easily bought,” than the Academy Awards. THE WRAP concluded its article about Gervais’ performance, saying, “There’s no reason Gervais wouldn’t be asked back next year, though as the comedian himself might say, in the topsy-turvy world of the Golden Globes, he might not have been offensive enough to earn the invitation.”

Of course, when you listen to some of the heartfelt acceptance speeches at any of these media-driven awards shows, the foul language and dirty jokes begin to cease, and a love of family and co-workers starts to shine.

Compared to last night’s Golden Globes, however, the Annual Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala is a refreshing experience for those wanting to see a clean uplifting program honoring Hollywood for its cleaner, more popular, more inspiring movies. This year’s event, scheduled for February 10, will be the 20th Annual Movieguide® Awards.

The Movieguide Awards stands out every awards season as the place where good values and good content in movies and on television are celebrated. The program itself makes for wholesome family viewing featuring clips of some of the very most inspiring moments in movies and on television from the previous year. Not a word spoken on stage is vulgar. And, the jokes are clean.

This year, the show will be featured on an hour-long show televised on the Hallmark Channel, the biggest television outlet ever for the show.

Year after year, most Movieguide® Awards winners make vastly more at the box office than winners of Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, Critic’s Choice Awards, or any other movies, even People’s Choice Awards. The reason is that the Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards exist to honor the decency, faith, heroism, eternal values, and positive role models that the general public buys lots of tickets to see. It stands heads and shoulders above all the other awards shows.

Here are some wise insights by our on-air television host for our weekly Movieguide® TV program after she covered a major 2012 Entertainment Industry Movie Awards Red Carpet Event:

Watching this red carpet, I was gratified to note that we start our Movieguide® Awards with a prayer. How brilliantly different!

But, what I really, really was thinking last night, speaking with everyone and watching celebrities like Brad Pit walk by, that these are real people – shorter, fatter, more wrinkled then you’d ever think of them, because we are so used to seeing such a glorified version of them on the big and little screen.

At our event, we get to have conversations with the living God. We get to experience the Holy Spirit. Such an experiences is much more powerful then any conversation with Meryl Strep or Brad Pit, because those are just faces that will fade, as will we.

We ourselves know God, and He knows us. We can have a conversation with Him at any point of the day, and still we will never be able to fathom His power. We will never see His wrinkles or aging. He will always be brilliant.

Life is beautiful only with Him.

Evy Baehr


The blessings of God endure forever, but all Golden Globes and Oscar statues will wither like grass in a desert sun.

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