"But the Audience Doesn’t"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

YOU GOT SERVED is a musical drama set inside the competitive world of urban street dancing, a combination of hip hop and break dancing. Elgin and David lead the most successful dance crew in Los Angeles. They lose a major battle, however, to another crew when one of their pals switches sides and reveals all of their best moves. Unknown to Elgin, David goes out with Elgin’s sister, Liyah. Consequently, David misses their courier job for the local crime boss, and some thugs beat up Elgin and take his delivery. Feeling betrayed, Elgin starts his own crew. Can he and David heal their rift in time to win a $50,000 contest sponsored by MTV?

The worldview of YOU GOT SERVED is very mixed. For example, although David, Elgin, and their crew view their dancing as a way to avoid the violence and profanity of local gangs, David and Elgin make deliveries for the local crime boss (the movie never tells viewers what those deliveries are). There are no real consequences to them for engaging in such sinful activity. Other parts of the movie contain similar mixed messages. YOU GOT SERVED therefore deserves an extreme caution.


(Pa, C, B, LL, V, DD, M) Pagan worldview where earning money by winning dance contests motivates protagonists, with some Christian elements including one brief prayer, and some moral elements; 20 obscenities, two light profanities, and a couple of obscene gestures; thugs beat up one man, criminal threatens young man, people visit boy in hospital after he is critically shot during gang shooting, and some fighting; some suggestive dancing and grandmother asks boy if he’s having sex; some shots of female cleavage, especially of singing star whose top barely covers her bosom; no alcohol; smoking and possible drug dealing; and, stealing and other apparent criminal activity.

GENRE: Musical Drama

More Detail:

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