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CHRISTMAS AT THE MAXWELL’S is a well intentioned movie, but it is so poorly written that it goes off-track at the end and turns out to be a clunker.

The movie opens with Andrew going to a Christmas party, only to be confronted by his wife’s doctor and told how sick his wife Susie is. The rest of the movie explores her sickness with no turning points, no points of attack, no script development, much static dialogue, and jumping conflict, until at the end, the attempt to have a Christian witness is destroyed by healing that is affected through a man who supposedly died and now perhaps has become an angel.

This movie is difficult to watch because it is so poorly written, and it is difficult to critique because the producers tried so hard to make something worthwhile. The direction is serviceable, and the acting varies between okay and atrocious, with one little girl embarrassingly bad and another woman stepping on the lead’s lines at every turn of phrase.

Too bad – this could have been a Gospel story, but as it is, one star is too much.

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