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LET’S GO TO PRISON tries to take all the nastiest, ugliest stereotypes about the American prison system and make a comedy out of them. Not surprisingly, they wound up with a nasty, ugly movie.

The movie opens with John Lyshitski (played by Dax Shepard) explaining how he has been sent to prison three times by Judge Biederman. Upon his third release from prison, he buys a gun and aims to get back at the judge, only to learn the judge died three days earlier. Lyshitski finds Judge Biederman’s obnoxious son, Nelson (played by Will Arnett), and through some silly tricks manages to get him sent to prison. Lyshitski then arranges to get sent to the same prison and pays a bribe to be made Biederman’s roommate.

Pretending to look after him, Lyshitski sees to it that Biederman is rudely treated. White supremacists stick forks in Biederman’s legs and large black prisoners threaten to rape him. Attempts to turn such material into comedy may appeal to viewers with horrible taste, but it makes the movie grossly unsuitable for families.

Other than a truce between Lyshitski and Biederman, there is nothing redemptive about the movie. It even closes with criminals making threats against law-abiding citizens. It is loaded with foul language, prison violence, drug and alcohol use, and talk about homosexual activity. According to the worst stereotypes, the prison staff is crooked, handing out brutal punishment by whim, accepting bribes and running a gambling operation.

Don’t waste your money on LET’S GO TO PRISON. It’s almost as bad as being sent to one. See FACING THE GIANTS or wait for THE NATIVITY STORY. There are some great movies this year. LET’S GO TO PRISON is not one of them.

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