Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In BOAT TRIP, Jerry and Nick are two best buddies that accidentally find themselves booked on a homosexual cruise and must decide how they feel about their sexuality. This movie is a "aren't gays happy and fun" propaganda film with highly offensive language and sexual content; thus, most moral audiences will likely choose to avoid it.


(HoHoHo, PaPaPa, AbAbAb, PCPC, RoRo, LLL, VV, SSS, NN, AA, DD, M) Very strong homosexual worldview with over 40 depictions of homosexual behavior; pagan, anti-biblical themes with woman saying, "Oh, reverend, you shouldn't" during sex and another priest denying the existence of God during a wedding ceremony; 35 mild obscenities, 13 heavy obscenities, and five profanities; homosexual violence alluded to with men being led around in chains, talk of sado-masochistic behaviors, etc.; many homosexual and heterosexual depictions of sex; rear male nudity and upper female nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking and marijuana use; and, lying.

GENRE: Comedy













More Detail:

BOAT TRIP is one trip that Judeo-Christian audiences will not want to take. It is a homosexual propaganda movie that is completely out of touch with the morals and entertainment values of the majority of Americans.

Cuba Gooding, Jr., who played a wonderful, captivating, moral character in MEN OF HONOR, scrapes the bottom of the acting barrel as he plays Jerry, a straight guy who gets booked by a vindictive travel agent onto a gay cruise with his roommate. When he finds out, he is appalled, gets drunk, and falls into a pool. He is rescued by a beautiful woman who works as the ship’s dance instructor. She hangs out with Jerry throughout the trip and trusts him because she thinks he is homosexual. Because he wants to maintain that trust and sleep with the woman, Jerry keeps up the ruse and sets out to prove his homosexuality to her.

Meanwhile, Jerry’s roommate, Nick (Horatio Sanz), sets off a flare gun and shoots down a helicopter full of Swedish tanning team babes. Soon he must decide whether or not he wants one of the babes or the group of homosexuals that he has befriended through card playing. After a night of drunken revelry with the “guys,” he questions whether or not he is actually homosexual. During this, an older homosexual man, played disgustingly by Roger Moore (no one who sees this will ever watch Moore’s 007 the same again), sets about hitting on Nick, and homosexual couples, many wearing leather, showing bare buttocks, others wearing masks and being led by chains, engage in revelry on the ship.

To complicate matters, Jerry’s ex-girlfriend decides that she wants her old beau back, so her rich daddy tracks down the ship, and she boards it at a port. A major confrontation ensues, and Jerry must take elaborate measures to show the women, and the world, what he has decided about love.

BOAT TRIP is one of the most offensive movies in the last 10 years. Though it’s slated as a comedy, it is nothing short of a pro-homosexual, “look-how-fun-homosexuality-is” propaganda film. The movie contains 51 obscenities and profanities, and about 40 incidents of raunchy sexual, mostly homosexual depictions. There is rear male nudity and upper female nudity, as well as numerous, disgusting allusions to the male anatomy and what happens during sex.

The movie is also overtly anti-Christian. In one scene the Swedish tanning coach is having sex and saying, “Oh, Reverend Lindstrom, you shouldn’t!” In another scene, a priest denies the existence of Christ during a wedding ceremony. In another scene, Cuba Gooding, Jr. tells his roommate not to be a narrow-minded homophobe. Nothing subtle here!

It is so sad to see how the enemy must be laughing in mockery on two fronts. First, that audiences are getting slimed with lies about “happy, hilarious gays,” and second, he’s laughing at all the souls he’s taken captive by luring them into a fruitless, homosexual lifestyle. Homosexual choices can spring from personal psychological wounds, such as unwelcome sexual abuse during childhood, but such painful hurts do not justify lawlessness! They may require, however, a great Christian counselor or mentor who can bring the lamp of the Lord into the dark places of the heart, where healing and true life and love can be birthed through the freedom offered in Christ Jesus.

Oh, that God would tear down the lies in Hollywood and rend the heavens to bring His redemptive truths through positive, biblically based, truth-telling, powerful allegorical films! Oh, that moral audiences would reject, and even boycott, sinful movies like this one and instead choose the good with their box office dollars!

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