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EIGHT SECONDS, starring Luke Perry, tells the true story of three great rodeo legends. The story is told well with sensitivity and moral principles are emphasized as the stars have to come to grips with and overcome their problems.


(B, C, LLL, S, A/D) Moral worldview with a few Christian overtones; 35 obscenities & 6 profanites; off-screen adultery but with a moral lesson in the telling; and, one scene of alcohol abuse which emphasizes restraint.

More Detail:

EIGHT SECONDS is about three of the greatest rodeo cowboys who ever lived, Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman and Cody Lambert. Their lives intertwined, they broke into the sport together and became a family of three. Lane Frost is no longer alive, and Tuff Hedeman (3 time World Champion) is a living legend still competing. Told from Lane Frost’s perspective, the film chronicles the rise of all three from the smaller circuits to the big time. The film also reveals the sheer terror of riding a bull, and the simple honest character of those who do.

A true story, told well with sensitivity and moral overtones, EIGHT SECONDS is about “real” heros–cowboy heros. Sure, there is a bar room fight scene which is explained later that they “had to live up to their reputation as Cowboys.” However, overwhelmingly, what appears are kind-hearted people who sincerely love one another and show it in so many ways, tender yet manly. Lane and his wife have marital problems but reconcile after genuine repentance. If you go out for popcorn at the right time, you will miss the brief cursing in the film. The movie is ostensibly about Lane Frost, but Tuff Hedeman is the show stealer. What a great character, played well and true to life. What’s better, you can walk out of the movie house and go find the real Tuff Hedeman performing on your TV screen weekly–at least, for a little while longer.

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