Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

JUNIOR tells the story of the first man to give birth to a child in a medical experiment. It is an unbelievably unfunny film that twists the sacredness of life and a woman's ability to conceive. Some will consider it a grotesque, provocative and infuriating perversion. Others will probably just like the fact that the flick offers so many belly laughs.


(NA, L, S, N, B, AB) New Age worldview; 3 profanities: implied fornication; pornography in sperm bank office & cross-dressing; an affirmation of the baby in the womb; and, and, anti-biblical implication of man having a baby.

More Detail:

Depending on your point of view, Ivan Reitman’s JUNIOR will either leave you laughing or revolted. This role reversal satire re-teams the stars from TWINS, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, but this time as partners in biological research. DeVito comes up with the wild idea of bringing the very male Schwarzenegger up to what is normally the first trimester in a woman’s pregnancy. Schwarzenegger agrees, but becomes enraptured with the idea of giving birth to “his” child. For the next one and one-half hours of the movie, we are subjected to Arnold saying lines such as, “My nipples are sensitive,” as he runs around in drag.

Schwarzenegger, playing Dr. Ivan Rutland, is surprisingly believable as the first man to become pregnant. For many this movie is not a comedy, it is an insulting mockery of marriage and childbirth — a grotesque, provocative and infuriating perversion of truth. It could also be said that, in a deceptive way, having a man give birth to a child with the assistance of another man promotes homosexuality. Some will point to the film’s definite promotion of the love of children, the value of choosing life for the unborn and the respectful treatment of these subjects by this actor who has been in many ways the macho man deluxe in our culture. Others may just like the fact that the flick offers so many belly laughs.