Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

LIGHTNING JACK, an old-West action comedy starring Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan, is complete with a bank robbery and hostage taking. Although the movie has a low number of obscenities and may be marketed to children, it contains an offensive scene in which one character instructs another about "love making."


(H, L, Ab, FR, N, S, VV) Humanism; 4 obscenities; Christianity demeaned in sacrilegious remarks; nude woman's picture on whore house wall; scene in brothel implying that adultery takes place; and, no graphic violence but much hitting in fights & shooting that leads to death.

More Detail:

Paul Hogan doesn’t quite live up to the character that made him famous in the 80’s Crocodile Dundee films. In LIGHTNING JACK, Hogan plays Jack Kane, a worn-out bandit, who takes the audience on a trip through the old West as he tries his hand at a host of botched-up bank robberies. As LIGHTNING JACK begins, we are introduced to Kane as he and his brothers attempt to rob the Junction City bank. Unfortunately, Junction City has an organized citizens’ group who work together to create law and order in their community. As a result, Kane and his brothers find themselves in hot water as they flee the bank when a shoot out leaves only Kane alive. Kane escapes by shielding himself with a hostage, Ben Doyle. In time, hostage Doyle becomes Kane’s sidekick, and Kane teaches him his outlaw ways and instructs him in “love making” in an offensive scene.

LIGHTNING JACK is an old-West action film in which one may unwittingly find himself laughing on many occasions. The character of Lightning Jack Kane blends conceit and ignorance to create a few amusing circumstances. Kane prefers to make the headlines and bask in a bandit’s reputation rather than partake of a criminal’s felonies. Kane’s relationships leave much to be desired–especially his adulterous relationship to a prostitute. Although the film contains few obscenities, other objectionable elements leave much to be desired.

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