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© Baehr, 2016

Starring: James Lorinz, Stephen Lee, Ted
Sorel, Sandra Bullock, Ted
Sorel, Louise Giovanetti, &
Tony Darrow

Genre: Comedy

Audience: Adults & teenagers

Rating: NR

Runtime: 89 minutes

Distributor: Arrow Releasing, Inc.


Executive Producer:


Writer: Rocco Simonelle, James Lorinz
& Frank Rainone

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(NA, LLL, VV, SS, A, Ho, Ab) Pagan worldview; 96 obscenities, 8 profanities & 1 obscene gesture; some shooting but nothing gory, several beatings; simulated fornication but no nudity; alcohol use; reference to homosexuality; and, mocking of Roman Catholicism.


ME AND THE MOB is a comedy about life in organized crime. More like an extended joke with no punch line, the movie is unrealistic, not very funny and marred by numerous obscenities and profanities. Crime, organized or not, is not humorous.


ME AND THE MOB is a comedy about life in organized crime. More like an extended joke with no punch line, the movie is unrealistic and not very funny. Jimmy Corona, played by comedian James Lorinz, is a struggling writer who is running low on funds. Suffering from a case of writer's block and depressed because his girlfriend has left him, Jimmy turns to suicide. During his attempt to end his life, he suddenly hits upon an idea: write about life in the mob. In order to do this, however, he must experience it first hand. So, Jimmy contacts his uncle Tony, a lieutenant in the Bagatello crime family, and makes the arrangements. Jimmy soon realizes he is over his head and tries to extricate himself.

ME AND THE MOB is more a series of skits lampooning mobsters than a movie. The film is boring, predictable and pointless. The only good feature is the narration done by James Lorinz, which is free of obscenities and filled with ironic and comic details without which the viewer would be completely lost. Otherwise, ME AND THE MOB is marred by numerous obscenities and profanities and pokes inappropriate fun at suicide -- a subject that is not funny. It also glorifies drinking, promiscuity, violence, lying, and murder and makes a mockery of law enforcement and religion. Filmmakers should consider that crime is never amusing to anyone, particularly the victims.

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