Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Irreparably marred by excessively vile language and blasphemy from the mouth of a child, the subtitled Swedish film SUNDAY'S CHILDREN is the story of the relationship of a young boy and his pastor father. The script is by international filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. The movie is directed by his son, Daniel.


(AB, B, LL, V, S, NN, A, M) Anti-biblical elements including blasphemy from the mouth of a child; some Biblical perspectives represented, albeit weakly; 17 obscenities & 8 profanities; brief violence connected with stylized portrayal of murder & graphic view of hanging suicide victim; subtle portrayal of older brother sexually stimulating himself as a result of viewing pictures; naturalistic male and female nudity & young brothers view pictures of naked women; alcohol use; and, extended sound effects associated with child's bowel movements.

More Detail:

SUNDAY’S CHILDREN is the latest movie from the international Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman. Set in 1926 and wrapped in glowing visuals, the film contains a dark core — the story of the moral corruption of an eight-year-old boy. At the film’s beginning, young Pu is an innocent who loves and admires his proper pastor father. However, as the family settles into their summer house in the country, little Pu’s undoing begins: a brother’s cruelty; introduction to pornography; witnessing sexual flirtations; stories of death; and, his parents arguing. Along a Sunday preaching trip with his dad, Pu is punished by him and, decades later, never forgives him for it. At the end of his father’s life, the middle-aged son refuses his father’s final blessing and goes off with only bittersweet memories of their times together.

SUNDAY’S CHILDREN is technically masterful and solidly directed, with especially noteworthy performances by the lead actors portraying the father and young son. Without question, Ingmar Bergman is a world-class filmmaker, and his son Daniel shows bright promise as a new director. However, the immoral content of the story, and the shocking profanities and blasphemies spoken by an eight-year-old boy, deeply discolor any beauty it offers.