Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE BANK is a mild Australian thriller abut two men at a large bank who plan to capitalize on a computer model that predicts exactly what the stock market will do. THE BANK lacks the dynamic punch of a really good corporate thriller and has a Romantic, socialist worldview, with very strong anti-capitalist elements.


(RoRo, SoSo, AcapAcapAcap, Ab, B, LLL, V, S, N, A, D, MM) Romantic, socialist worldview, with very strong anti-capitalist content, suggests that society corrupts people, that banks always take advantage of people who aren't wealthy and that getting wealthy always involves stealing money and property from other people with an anti-God element where bank official says, "I'm like God with a better suit" as well as very light moral elements such as one man refuses to take part in unethical behavior; about 40 mostly strong obscenities, two strong profanities and one light profanity; light violence includes implied drowning of young boy, implied hanging with man's dead body hanging in background shadows and man threatens another man with shotgun, shooting through door, for example; implied fornication; partial male nudity; alcohol use; smoking; and, revenge validated, loan fraud rebuked, banks attacked, and man makes crude comments about women.

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More Detail:

THE BANK is a mild Australian thriller slowly making its way across the United States in small theater venues. The movie focuses on a young mathematician, Jim Doyle, who claims he is developing a computer model that can predict exactly what the stock market will do. Doyle tells the managers of an international bank based in Australia about his model. Simon O’Reilly, the bank’s chief officer, takes a chance on Doyle and hires him.

Using the bank’s super-fast computer system, Doyle works hard to perfect the computer model. O’Reilly wants to use the model, however, to make lots of money for the bank during a predicted stock market crash or correction. By selling shares in its own company just before the crash, the bank and its leaders will profit enormously from the financial losses of other people.

Although both Doyle and O’Reilly will benefit from this scheme, they don’t trust one another. O’Reilly demands an act of faith from Doyle. He wants Doyle to lie on the witness stand in a case against the bank where the bank stole some important property from a small businessman and his family. The bank’s thievery resulted in the death of the man’s only son. Doyle goes along with O’Reilly’s nefarious plans, but he has some tricks of his own up his sleeve.

THE BANK lacks the dynamic punch of a really good corporate thriller. The movie also has a Romantic, socialist worldview with very strong anti-capitalist elements. For example, the movie strongly suggests that capitalist society corrupts people, that banks can only make money by taking advantage of people who aren’t wealthy, that redistribution of wealth is good, and that getting wealthy almost always involves stealing money and property from other people. At the risk of sounding a bit bombastic, these ideas are nothing less than obnoxious, slanderous lies from the liberal, atheist left. In contrast to the left’s politics of envy, God admonishes us in Leviticus 19:15, “Don’t favor either the poor or the rich.” People who play politics and ignore this commandment do so at their peril, and the peril of the rest of us.

It’s really unfortunate that this movie has such a bad worldview, because it is being released by The Cinema Guild. The Cinema Guild was founded by Philip and Mary-Ann Hobel, who worked on the Christian-friendly movie starring Robert Duvall, TENDER MERCIES, one of the best movies ever made. Happily, however, their website gives plenty of publicity to TENDER MERCIES.

Ironically, the World Socialist Website condemned THE BANK for the “individualism” of its anti-capitalist hero, Doyle, who turns the tables on O’Reilly to destroy the bank and its greedy capitalists. Apparently, there’s no pleasing some people on the left.

According to the radical commie-libs at this website, only “a progressive social movement” and a “political struggle of workers and small farmers against the entire social order” can correct the evils of capitalism. These Communist agitators don’t mention, however, their intent to abolish all vestiges of capitalism, private property, religion, heterosexual family order, and national borders in favor of some pie-in-the-sky utopia run by a one-party, globalist system of guilt-ridden do-gooders. This “progressive social movement” is a real evil which, in countries like the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, North Korea, Ethiopia, and Cuba, resulted in the government slaughter of more than 100 million people in the last century.

Instead of looking to Karl Marx or Mao’s Little Red Book, we should look to Jesus Christ and the Bible. God wants us to help poor people who are truly oppressed, but not by stealing from others.

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