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Hosted by Sheila Walsh of the 700 Club, this stirring half-hour video presents highlights of Rally for Life ’90, the largest gathering ever assembled in America to stop abortion.

The pro-life rally, held on April 28, 1990 at the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital, numbered in the hundreds of thousands and literally stretched as far as the eye could see. Since the historic moment was intentionally ignored by the news media, Sheila explains that a video has been made to show that the people of America are overwhelmingly pro-life and not pro-choice.

Rep. Henry Hyde (U.S. Congress), in fact, asks: “What is the choice they’re talking about? The pro-abortion people say they want the choice on whether or not to have a baby, but the answer to that is: if you’re pregnant you already have a baby.” Another fraud the Congressman exposes deals with those who say they are personally opposed to abortion, but would not impose their morality on someone else–a fraud because someone’s morality is indeed being imposed on 25 million babies who have been aborted since 1973.

AMERICA SPEAKS UP FOR LIFE is unlike most other Christian videos which tend to be slow-moving, uninspiring and technically inferior. Here, in something akin to thumbing through a book, a special effects “page-turning” technique is used to capture in succinctness such speakers as Vice-President Dan Quayle, Cardinal O’Connor, Dr. James Dobson, and Beverly LaHaye.

Rep. Hyde points out that unlike other groups who promote their own self-interest, pro-lifers are not out to gain something for themselves. Interestingly, a number of high-profile people, particularly in Hollywood, are overwhelmingly pro-life, but for fear of being blacklisted have been afraid to come forth.

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