"Promoting Same-Sex Homosexual Adoption"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Based on a true story, ANY DAY NOW takes place in 1979. Rudy leads a cross-dressing act in a homosexual bar in Los Angeles. He begins a relationship with Paul, a closeted homosexual prosecutor in the DA’s office. Rudy befriends Marco, a 14-year-old Downs Syndrome boy living with his mother next door. Marco’s irresponsible mother gets jailed on a drug charge. Rudy and Paul convince her to give custody of Marco to them while she serves three years. Rudy and Marco move in with Paul. Everything goes well for one year, until Paul’s boss learns the truth. He fires Paul and begins legal proceedings to take Marco away. Rudy and Paul decide to fight the legal system.

ANY DAY NOW makes an emotional, liberal argument for adoption by same-sex couples. As such, it’s an effective piece of filmmaking. However, in doing this, the movie has to show that Marco’s mother is totally unfit. This violates the legal axiom, “Bad cases make bad law.” Besides promoting same-sex adoption, ANY DAY NOW contains plenty of strong foul language, depicted homosexual kissing and other implied immorality.


(RoRoRo, HoHoHo, PCPCPC, B, C, LLL, V, SS, N, A, DD, MM) Very strong Romantic, homosexual, politically correct worldview promoting adoption of children by same-sex couples, with some light moral elements such as compassion for an abandoned 14-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome and a scene of celebrating Christmas with presents, but the positive elements are designed to serve the movie’s unbiblical worldview; 37 or 38 obscenities (some “f” words), two strong profanities, four light profanities; light violence includes man struggles against police officers when officials come to take away young Downs Syndrome teenager he’s raising; strong sexual immorality includes plenty of homosexual kissing by two men, cross dressing, drag queen lip synching on a stage makes seductive looks at man in homosexual bar, implied homosexual fellatio, and male homosexual couple lies in bed in a couple scenes; upper male nudity in some scenes; alcohol use and bar scenes; man smokes cigar and woman snorts cocaine in one scene; and, lying, hiding from Children’s Services, drug addicted mother abandons son twice, shouting in courtroom, bad use of legal system to promote adoption by same-sex couples, and man is unfairly fired from his job.

More Detail:

For decades the mass media of entertainment has been attacking Christian, biblical values, especially any notion of sexual purity, while promoting a radical sexual politics of promiscuity, feminism, sexual confusion, and homosexuality. Recently, some artists working in that industry have even promoted polygamy, hardcore pornography and pedophilia. Consequently, in the last election, voters in two states finally voted to change the definition of marriage and make “same-sex” marriage legal.

ANY DAY NOW is a movie that fits in with that scheme, though it’s so late in the game and such a small release that it probably won’t make that much of a difference now. Even so, the movie takes a Romantic view in support of the adoption of children by same-sex homosexual couples.

Based on a true story, the movie takes place in 1979. Rudy, a drag queen leading a lip synch act in a homosexual bar in Los Angeles, begins a relationship with Paul, a closeted, divorced homosexual prosecutor in the DA’s office. After having a tryst in Paul’s car, Rudy comes home to find his neighbor leaving her 14-year-old Downs Syndrome son, Marco, alone whole she goes out to party. The next morning, her music’s still blaring and Marco is still alone.

Rudy tries to call Paul to see what can be done about the abandoned boy, but Paul doesn’t take his call. So, Rudy marches down to the DA’s office to convince Paul to help. Paul refuses, however.

Then, when Rudy takes Marco back to their apartment building, he learns Marco’s mother has been arrested by Vice for drug trafficking. She won’t get out for three years. So, Rudy convinces Paul to convince the mother to give them custody of Marco. Meanwhile, Paul tells Rudy that it would be best for everyone if Rudy and Marco move in with him.

Everything goes very well for one year, but then Paul’s boss learns the truth. He fires Paul and begins legal proceedings to take Marco away from both men. Rudy and Paul decide to fight. Will they win the fight, or will they lose Marco forever?

ANY DAY NOW makes a Romantic, emotional, liberal argument for adoption by same-sex couples. As such, it’s an effective piece of filmmaking. However, in doing this, the movie has to make Marco’s mother totally unfit. Of course, a well-known legal axiom is, “Hard cases (or bad cases) make bad law.” Thus, just because some parents are really bad doesn’t mean that we should then make a general law that allows adoption of children by same-sex couples, whether related somehow to the children or not. Such a law violates God’s moral principles in the Bible. In fact, the attempt to allow this kind of adoption in America has resulted in Christian adoption agencies being FORCED to consider same-sex couples as just as good, if not better, adoption and foster care prospects than a married man and woman, or a single mother or father who’s heterosexual. Thus, such laws aren’t neutral; they’ve actually become inhuman and Anti-Christian. Therefore, they obviously violate the liberal’s own phony (and legally and morally hypocritical) “separation of church and state” interpretation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

As Jesus Christ notes in Matthew 19:1-12, God defines marriage, family and children as solely heterosexual. Thus, under God’s dominion over mankind and the universe, there is no such thing as same-sex marriage, much less homosexual adoption. All children deserve a mother AND a father. Failing that, each child should have both a mother figure and a father figure involved with their raising and education. In fact, God gives ALL control of a child’s education to the child’s parents or guardian(s), not to the government and not even to the church (Deut. 6:4-9 in the Hebrew Scriptures accepted by both Christianity and Modern Judaism).

Besides its promotion of the radical homosexual agenda, as opposed to Christian, biblical values and moral teachings, ANY DAY NOW also contains plenty of strong foul language. There’s also some depicted and implied homosexual immorality. The movie is definitely excessive, if not abhorrent.

On a side note, Alan Cummings does a powerful rendition of Bob Dylan’s Gospel song “I Shall Be Released” in a major scene, but the meaning of the words is perverted to serve the movie’s radical leftist, ultimately Anti-Christian, agenda. In doing so, it shows how the Left often perverts real values, like love and tolerance, to promote evil sins like homosexuality and big government tyranny. God’s love, however, NEVER tolerates evil. Also, it doesn’t contradict God’s eternal, transcendent sense of Justice where the small AND the great, the poor AND the rich are treated justly and fairly. Homosexuality is a behavior and a perverted desire, not a legitimate social category, lifestyle, or minority group.