Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

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What You Need To Know:

In BABY'S DAY OUT, one-year-old Baby Bink gets kidnapped from his wealthy parents and is held for a ransom. He escapes and eludes his captors in a "wacky," injury-prone chase through town. BABY'S DAY OUT is a good, entertaining attempt at a family-oriented production, but the overuse of injury to squeeze out a laugh is regrettable.


(B, R, L, VV, M) Traditional, biblically moral worldview (but no reference to God) with crime-doesn't-pay conclusion wherein evildoers get their just desserts; materialistic & romantic elements; 2 obscenities; and, non-stop slapstick-type violence.

More Detail:

In BABY’S DAY OUT, the Cotwells are the classic high society couple with a mansion, limousine and nanny. They decide to put Baby Bink’s (their one-year-old son) picture in the papers, because their friends have already done the same with their kids. They select a photographer, not knowing three hoodlums have found out about the shoot. This threesome poses as the photographers and kidnaps Baby Bink, holding him for ransom. Bink escapes and leads his kidnappers on a wild chase through the city that resembles a trip in his favorite storybook. The thugs are always one step behind and go through excruciating slapstick injuries to catch Bink. The nanny pieces together the different locations where Bink has been spotted and figures out where he is going next.

BABY’S DAY OUT is a younger version of HOME ALONE, done up with lots of slapstick. Although there is a “family” look and feel to the film, with a soothing, comfortable soundtrack, don’t be fooled into thinking it is completely safe to let the children see without discernment. Many of the laughs are at the expense of injury to someone with some embarrassing moments and a couple of crude remarks. The kidnappers are constantly falling off buildings, getting slammed or burned. Take a Three Stooges two-reeler and a Roadrunner cartoon, mix in a HOME ALONE theme and you have BABY’S DAY OUT.