Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

DIALOGUES WITH MADWOMEN is a 16mm documentary chronicling the journeys of seven women into and through their bouts with varying forms of mental illness. This frank portrayal contains surprising little coarse language, but does have some graphic images and worldviews that warrant caution.


(NA, FR, H, Ho, C, L, V, S, N) Pagan worldview presenting frank portrait of mental illness as well as goddess-worship, Marxism, lesbianism, & Catholicism; 8 obscenities; still photos of self-mutilation; implied promiscuity & incest; and, naturalistic female nudity.

More Detail:

Allie Light chronicles the journeys of seven women (one of them herself) into and through their bouts with mental illness in DIALOGUES WITH MADWOMEN. This unrated documentary attempts to examine not so much the reasons why these women were institutionalized, but more so their feelings about themselves and their ability to look back in a relatively objective fashion. All of the women studied seem to have dealt, to some degree, with pasts that formed their personalities. Each past is no doubt filled with many atrocities, and unfortunately, many of the solutions found seem more of an embrace of the victim than a route filled with forgiveness and the lordship of Christ–the only true source of healing. However, the film is a fascinating, riveting and sometimes humorous look at these battered lives.

Edited to compare and contrast each woman’s perspective on different topics, such as their childhood and their reaction to various medications, DIALOGUES WITH MADWOMEN consequently inter-cuts each woman’s tale with the others’, making it hard to follow any specific narrative. There is surprisingly little obscenity, which is refreshing, but the faint of heart might take heed: there are some graphic photos of self-mutilation. Furthermore, there is little mention or hope of redemption offered by film’s end.

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