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Release Date: March 15, 1996

Starring: Matt LeBlanc, Jayne Brook,
Bill Cobbs, & Jack Warden

Genre: Comedy


Rating: PG

Runtime: 94 minutes

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Director: Bill Couturie EXECUTIVE
PRODUCERS: Bill Finnegan,
Bill Couturie', Brad Epstein

Executive Producer:

Producer: Rosalie Swedlin

Writer: David Mickey Evans

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(Pa, Ab, C, L, V, A, M) Superstitious worldview with Christian elements; 2 profanities & 8 vulgarities; mild violence including punching, kicking & wielding a baseball bat as a weapon; alcohol use; and, stealing & lying


ED is a charming film about a minor league team and their new chimpanzee mascot, Ed Sullivan. Ed has been purchased to draw crowds for the ailing team, but also helps teammate 'Deuce' Cooper overcome his fears. Many superstitions riddle the script, and a scene in which the team drinks to intoxication is completely unnecessary. However, in the end, it is a little girl's hopeful prayer that brings the story full circle.


ED is a mostly charming film about a minor league team and their new chimpanzee mascot, Ed Sullivan. Ed has been purchased to draw crowds. Ed also helps teammate 'Deuce' Cooper overcome his fears, learn to be a little less serious and begin a relationship with the girl next door. When the money-grubbing manager's son tries to sell Ed, Cooper and his neighbors have to hustle to try to get him back for their final game of the season. Both Ed and Cooper run into trouble along the way, and things look down until the little girl next door says a prayer that starts to right everything again.

For the most part, Ed is a charming film with plenty of monkey shines for both children and parents to enjoy. A very inappropriate scene, however, occurs when team members go to a bar and get horribly drunk. The other main distraction in the movie is the never-ending stream of references to superstitions of all kinds. It will be hard for children not to believe in superstitions after watching them nonstop on the screen. Some of these superstitions work, some don't. Though not enough to redeem these superstitious elements, we are shown at the end that a little girl's prayer has definite power to change things for the better. These elements aside, the story is well-told, hopeful and well-acted.

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