Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


romiscuity, graphic fornication, female nudity and sexual innuendoes; profanity and obscenity; New Ageism; and, drug use.

More Detail:

Ms. Chong, a popular actress, is about to start production on a new movie, but her concentration focuses on Dad, a.k.a. Far Out Man, an eternal hippie musician for whom time stopped at the breakup of his marriage during the Woodstock era. Dad keeps strolling onto her movie sets unannounced. Ms. Chong, realizing her father has a definite problem, brings him to a New Age psychiatrist. He hypnotizes Far Out Man as part of a plan to restore him to normalcy and to leave his daughter alone.

The doctor prescribes work, and, in an attempt at staging a comeback, sends Far Out Man on an imaginary road trip as a “roadie”. He gets lost, though, looking for the band, but picks up his son, Kyle, who is hitchhiking. Kyle, whom Far Out Man hasn’t seen since infancy, is about to be kicked out of school for reading books and doing homework instead of watching “Gilligan’s Island” (Ha-ha). Later, they find Far Out’s girlfriend (Kyle’s mother), Tree, who has been living with an actor since running away from Far Out Man. Far Out Man had never been able to find her because he didn’t know her last name (ha-ha again). Finally, the family is reunited by film’s end, with Kyle behaving more “normal”, that is, like Far Out Man, because of his association with him.

A horrible film that glorifies the out-of-wedlock family, FAR OUT MAN further mocks by depicting the doctor’s stained-glass office as a church. There are also a lot of immoral sex jokes and a lot of bad drug jokes. Amidst its promiscuity, profanity, obscenity, and drug use, FAR OUT MAN even has the audacity to say that kids should watch more TV and study less.

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Robert Shaye, President

New Line Cinema Corp.

575 Eighth Avenue

16th Floor

New York, NY 10018

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