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As the son of the U.S. president, FIRST KID, Luke Davenport (Brock Pierce), is lonely and acting up. His new Secret Service agent, Sam Simms (Sinbad), covers up for Luke and gains his trust. The movie includes extensive, lighthearted disrespectful behavior toward authority figures, but it also models a compassionate, accepting relationship between Sam and Luke.

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It sounds like every child’s dream: to be the son of the U.S. president, live in the White House and have personal Secret Service protection complete with a code name, but for one FIRST KID, the dream has turned out to be a nightmare. The parents of Luke Davenport are never around, and he has no friends. To get attention, Luke bucks authority. Enter Sam Simms, a Secret Service agent with a sense of humor. Sam covers up for Luke, teaches him how to use boxing to protect himself against taunting classmates and gains his trust. Sam’s soft heart gets him into big trouble as he helps Luke escape to a school dance after being grounded for fighting. Sam has the potential to redeem himself, however, when the First Family’s security is threatened.

The movie shows positive moral attributes including a caring relationship that develops between Sam and Luke. There is one minor reference to God when Luke prays that God will send him a sign, and he thanks God when he thinks he has received one. Parents may be dismayed by the extensive, lighthearted disrespectful behavior shown toward authority figures. Other objectionable elements include a mooning, a few vulgarities and some slapstick violence. Yet, when taken as a whole, FIRST KID is a light-hearted film that moviegoers of all ages can enjoy demonstrating a light moral worldview.

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